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by Claire Chanelle

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A have a few weddings this year so I am starting my dress prep early. From experience I always go and buy a dress in a panic and don’t even love what I bought, I just buyt it because I had no other choice. Now what I tend to do is always keep my eyes peeled for nice dresses and I put them away for when I have a special occasions. This way I do not have a last minutes panic and rush and buy a dress I don’t really like. It does not bother me at all if my dress is not current season if anything it means there is more chance no one else will be wearing it.

Whilst dress shopping I saw this dress (also comes as a top in Philip Lim and fell in love with it straight away, specially after I tied it on and the cut was perfection and so were the shoes and the jacket…. so dreamy. I know you shouldn’t really white to someone else’s wedding but this in no way resembles a wedding dress, it has beige suede and my brides also told me they didn’t mind me wearing it.

I am totally obsessed with these shoes, they are so comfortable and the perfect height. They come in clay (second colour I’m wearing) nude and black. Click HERE to buy.



3.1 Philip Lim Shoes 

3.1 Philip Lim Dress Top Here 

3.1 Philip Lim Jacket 

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