Blue Lagoon

by Claire Chanelle


Huge, huge delay in publishing my photos from Iceland.

I went to Iceland in May for Paris’ 30th birthday. I was trying to think of a place to take him that he has not already been to and that we could visit for a few days, Iceland is a place we have both always wanted to visit and I have heard amazing things. I have always put it off as it is so expensive to visit Iceland.

So did I enjoy Iceland? NO! I tried my hardest to be open minded and it was not due to the bad shopping I promise, I do enough shopping at home so believe me I was looking forward to the peaceful break. However I do like shopping at vintage stores abroad and I was disappointed with all the shops and how over priced it was, even the food was so expensive. I was expecting the surroundings to be spectacular and they just weren’t, I felt like the trips were just tourist money making days out and frankly quite boring. The food was quite strange with the likes of whale and puffin on the menu! One morning when we went for breakfast I wore a pastel pink feather jumper you know the one from Topshop? I had so many rude looks and people pointing, I think my fashion sense was not appreciated in Iceland. I was also constantly cold.

With that said I really did enjoy the Blue Lagoon and the natural baths were stunning. It was a great experience and the day was so good it balanced out the trip. I would recommend not getting your hair wet as the mud wrecked my hair for a good two weeks, it went so dry and matted and I advise you to keep your hair out of the water! Everywhere we went was so casual so don’t bother packing anything glam.

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Blue lagoon iceland

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natural baths iceland

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natural baths iceland

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Claire xx

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