Chloe Faye – The Big 30

by Claire Chanelle

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With my big 30th approaching I thought I would treat myself to a new bag….. obviously. I am actually turning a new leaf now I am almost a fully fledge adult: married and hitting 30. I am going to be buying less bags and shoes I KNOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. But hold up before I act all angelical you most know it’s because I am saving for bigger things, I am thinking about entering the Hermes club. I feel like I need to get it out of my system.

I had started my bag ban but I couldn’t resist this Chloe Faye bag. I had my eye on them for a few months and was desperately trying to fight it. In the end I went for it and I am so pleased I did. You never really know how much you love a bag until you start wearing it; is it practical, does it work well with your wardrobe? This bag is super practical because it’s bigger than my usual style and it’s a nice change to have a shoulder bag. The colour is just a dream, dove grey is my all time favourite colour. I went to the store 100% set on the tobacco colour, which was sold out but there was one that just came in stock. As much as I loved it and do not have a tan bag, I had to go with my favourite colour. I have my eye on the small size in white now, its to die for. Click here to see.

Who else is in love with this bag? Which colour is your favourite? Do you prefer the small cross body or this size?

My sneakers are my wedding NIKE iDs. I didn’t think I would wear them as much as I have been because they are so special but I can’t resist because all white trainers look so good with everything and theres something about the shape of an AIR MAX that I am so in love with. I also feel so happy when I wear them because they remind me of the best day of my life. I can not recommend enough the NIKE iD service specially for your wedding, a special occasion or for a gift. Click HERE  to start a design, the service takes around six weeks though. When I was looking for the NIKE link to publish here I just saw the home page was introducing the “fleece gang” grey fabric trainers oh my gosh! Well clearly I now need the perfect grey trainer for my perfect bag!

My jeans are my favourite denim brand, you know by now…… One Teaspoon. These are a size 10, I chose a size bigger for a boyfriend look but they are so huge on me, they stretch a lot. Be sure to order small.

Last but not least the sunglasses of the season, the fastest selling brand this year; my Porsche sunglasses from See World Optical. You can call 0151 3302039. If you are buying Porsche sunnies (which you all definitely need a pair) you have to buy from See World Optical not only are they £100 cheaper than other retailers but the service is fabulous.

CC xx

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CC xx

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W September 26, 2015 - 7:27 pm

Hi Claire,

I’m thinking of also getting a Faye however they are sold out in the area I live in, so can’t compare. Does the bag hold much? I normally carry make up bag, large wallet, perfume and phone, would the bag bulk up with those things inside?

Chouquette September 27, 2015 - 2:13 pm

HI, Thanks for the comment.

When ever I find Faye’s in stock I tweet the links to buy. So keep an eye on my Twitter 🙂
Re the size, it does fit a fair bit which is why I went for the bigger size. However because the bag is quite flat and shaped like a file fax it doesn’t fit a huge amount. The shape looks a bit distorted when you over pack it.
This is such a good question, so good that I am going to write a post on what the Faye fits. This way you can see what it looks like when it’s jam packed. I will show how much I can squeeze inside.


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