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I am so honoured to share this project that I shot with De Beers London. The brand is so special to me because I had training with them many times during my career at Harrods. It was so unbelievable to see that a few years on I am now collaborating with one of the most prestigious fine jewellery brands in the world.

During my training at Harrods I learned that De Beers were the creators of the phrase “Diamonds Are Forever” in the 1940s, if you have ever wondered where that famous phrase came from; now you know! When I was approached by De Beers to promote their latest collection (more of that later) I was so happy for three reasons.

1. A few months ago I was making my plans for 2018. I had decided that fine jewellery was going to be a serious focus for me next year; a focus personally and for blogging. I first realised this when I decided to buy myself something at the end of the year. I have worked incredibly hard this year, exceeded all my goals and sacrificed a lot. I wanted something to remind me of the success I achieved this year and a little reward to say “well done me.” I thought right away that I wanted a piece of jewellery, something that will last a life time and that I can wear everyday. I still adore my bags but I swap and change my bags, I wanted something to wear every single day. I have never bought myself any fine jewellery so this was totally new for me. I have my Rolex watch and love that I wear it daily. I started looking into entry point pieces and felt really excited. I then realised how much my thinking had changed when it comes to shopping and what I want to invest in. You can imagine that when De Beers contacted me to promote their entry point diamonds I could not believe it. I am the customer they are targeting so it felt so natural to say yes. The fact they had asked me to promote the entry point prices made it even more relatable to me.

2. As I said just now, I wanted to focus on fine jewellery for the blog. My blog is a true reflection of me, it’s like a diary so of course I would evolve my blog as I was evolving into new interest.

3. Out of all the brands to contact me, De Beers was already a brand close to my heart thanks to Harrods. I already knew so much about the brand and the collections they asked me to promote were the kind of price points I was looking for myself. The timing could not have been any more perfect. It was meant to be.

If you haven’t seen my look book video click here. I also shared some images on Instagram here. What did you think of the video? Which piece was your favourite?


I would wear my fine jewellery everyday, I was not looking for a dramatic cocktail ring but also was not looking for something really simple. It is totally acceptable to wear diamonds in the day now, my nanna would disagree but I feel it’s more than okay to wear a diamond stack of rings everyday or a diamond pendent with jeans and a tee.

For the shoot I wore a day look with the Micropavé Classic collection, which you can shop here. The pieces are dainty but statement. I wore my favourite pair of jeans from Revolve and my new favourite blouse by Jonathan Simkhai which you can buy here. It is one of the most stunning tops I own. I couldn’t resist paring this look with my Manolo Blahnik Nadira shoes. These shoes are my all times favourite heels and compliment the diamonds magically.

My second look was a more evening look but you know me, still casual and a little masculine. The Enchanted Lotus collection from De Beers is stunning. I am torn between the pearl rose gold pendent and rose gold bracelet. They are both breathtaking and I am trying to decide which one I should make my own. Take a look here on the website and let me know if you think I should buy the necklace or the bracelet?

Before I shot the pieces I visited the flagship store on Old Bond Street. Paris and I held some rough diamonds and learnt a little more about the brand. I was used to selling the super high end pieces to my clientele at Harrods, I was unaware they sold engagement rings for around £8k. De Beers seems to have an extra sparkle so I recommend trying on some engagement rings if you are looking 😉 They have prices to suit everyone.

I could not resist trying on some of the super luxe diamonds. Believe me my hands were physically shaking when I took this photo. I had to ensure none of the rings touched one an other or I could have scratched the diamonds. The brilliant cut retails for £800k! Altogether I was wearing just over 4 million pounds worth of diamonds. It is safe to say that will never happen again but thank you De Beers for letting me live my best life, even if it was just for five minutes.

Which ring is your favourite? Do you want to choose/did you choose your engagement ring or would you prefer your partner to choose it for you? It was important to me that Paris chose my ring, it meant  a lot to me it came from him and how he sees me. Also let’s not ignore the fact that he is a lot more chic than me! With that said I did hint that I liked oval and cushion cuts.


DeBeers Chouquette






Photos by Paris 

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Ewa Macherowska December 16, 2017 - 2:29 pm

Beautiful photos 🙂


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