Feeling Girly

by Claire Chanelle

Pink skirt

My style changes a lot, sometimes I am girly, sometimes boyish and sometimes more edgy. When I say edgy I refer to skinny jeans, studded ankle boots, a baggy tee and heavy jewellery. I have been stringing out the girly looks these days so enjoy them because I am feeling sick of the feminine accents. I think when I am in London living in the city with coldish weather it’s more natural for me to layer up, wear dark colours and heavy necklaces. On holiday the natural thing to do is wear little dresses and pastel colours.

I feel more comfortable dressing in slightly cold weather because that is what I am used to. I am kinda looking forward to wearing some chunky knits……so going to regret saying that when its freezing!

So this outfit is slightly Balenciagaish but thats what a girl has got to do when you do not have Balenciaga money. This top will stay in my wardrobe forever as it will go with everything, it is simple and classic. The pink skirt is my favourite shade of pink as it is the same shade as my Chanel bag which always brings back the best memories ever of my proposal 🙂

THE SHOES….I am officially a shoe snob I can not help it, I would rather go without for months and save for a pair of designer shoes than buy two pairs of high street shoes each payday. However this rule will be changed for these Zara strappy numbers. I bought them in the sale for £20 so if I did not wear them it does not matter. I LOVE them, they are comfy, classic, look great with literally everything and who can actually tell if they are Manolos or Zara? If I want a pair of shoes I also look on the high street first for inspired pairs and if I find  a similar pair I will not waste my money or choose something else. If you want the designer comparison then go for the Manolo Blahnik (last photo) but I will be buying these in every colour. If you have a pair of these in black and nude that’s all you need in your wardrobe. If you want a bonus colour buy gold or white. The gold are full price at £60 and still available here.

givenchy clutch bag

zara outfit

fashion blog

pink zara skirt


monochrome givenchy clutch

strappy zara shoes

fashion inspiration

manolo blahnik

Zara skirt, Zara top, Zara shoes,

rings from Sardinian market with Givenchy clutch.

Claire xx

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Mimi August 29, 2013 - 11:01 am

Thank you for being consistent with your blog posts recently ,keep em coming xx


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