Fuel Addict

by Claire Chanelle
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So I have some bad news; I have now added a new addiction to my growing list and that is trainers but not just all trainers NIKE trainers.

I had an idea last week that I needed to pack some practical footwear for fashion week, after four seasons I have learnt that there is a lot of running around involved, long hours and I have had some mishaps along the way. Once I was being photographed by Wayne Tippetts in Paris and one of my Pigalles flipped off my foot and landed across the street. So to prevent any more embarrassing moments or pain I was on the look out for some trainers, not high tops but full on trainers.

This is a personal opinion but when I think of sports wear and sports trainers I think NIKE so I headed to NIKE. Something I have never shared with you is as a teenagers I ran for Essex 100 and 200 metres. I even nearly went down the athlete route but decided against it because my mum said if I do not make it I won’t earn money, so that was that! I also have serve asthma and find sport really helps with this and keeps my stress levels at bay. So I was looking forward to combine real sports wear with my everyday looks and brands. As you can see from the photos NIKE goes well with Chanel and Balmain, who would of thought.

I chose these NIKE LunarElite sneakers because I wanted all black but also liked the neon yellow to make them more fun and I liked the height they gave me. These will be great for fashion week but I think I need another pair that are one colour to ensure they go with all my looks, I have my eye on the most amazing silver pair here and can not stop thinking about them. When I wear these trainers I find my self either walking really fast or jogging, they are so bouncy and make me want to run everywhere but at the same time I am not in sports clothes. In every aspect trainers are perfect for me; they make me do everything order phentermine online faster, burn more calories, they are comfortable and I can wear them all day. If like me you do not wear sports trainers I recommend you buy a pair and I bet you live in them I have done.

Now let me introduce you to my FUELBAND SE, my black and sliver band is limited edition so buy it quick if you want  this colour as the rose gold is already sold out. I have seen these about but did not really think it would be suitable for someone like me who doesn’t work out much. PS I would love to work out like I used to but my busy schedule does not give me the time of day which is actually why the FUELBAND is so great for me. I personally think these FUELBANDS are perfect for people that want to work out but can’t for what ever reason.

The whole purpose of the band is to monitor your steps, calories your burning as well as setting you a fuel goal, it also tells the time. My goal is 2500 and in four days I haven’t reached it 🙁 but in my defence I kept putting it on too late in the day, now it is the first thing I do after my shower in the morning. Throughout the day I press the button to see how many calories I have burnt and how far away my goal is, I have found this pushing me to be more active and also made me realise how many calories I burn a day and therefore make me feel less guilty about not going to the gym. This morning the band told me I burnt 256 calories after doing my housework, which made me feel good for the rest of the day.

Each night you can check your progress on the NIKE PLUS website, you chart will look like this:

nike plus

I am looking forward to wearing this over fashion week and seeing how much more active I am. You can buy a band at any NIKE store or click here.

NIKE LunarElite Sky Hi Sneakers


Balmain Jacket

Zara Jeans

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Forever 21 Hat

River Island Sunglasses

Coachella Hoodie

CC  xx

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Irena D February 1, 2014 - 10:30 pm

Love your look!!

Adele February 2, 2014 - 11:41 am

Those trainers look super cool with your all black outfit. The fuels
And sounds a fab little gadget too!
Greetings from Dubai where I’m spending a week in the sun 🙂


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