Going To Be A Sunny Winter

by Claire Chanelle














I am just as shocked as you are; I BOUGHT ANOTHER CHANEL, what can I say I am just addicted. Trust me this isn’t a case of I am so rich and have endless cash to spend I literally had a selling frenzy selling everything I love to just try and keep my Chanel’s, remember my new rule is sell something to buy something. Not to mention I work extremely long hours to be able to shop as hard as I do. This to me shows even more dedication to my beloved Chanel as I am selling bags I love to get more Chanel.

I had my heart set on a yellow WOC which was a bag that has haunted me ever since I didn’t buy it. I also really loved the yellow/gold velvet BOY that was one of the first ever velvet colours back in the day when they were £1560!!! I know its an ostentatious colour for a bag that cost £2040 (Chanel always have to add that extra £20 or£40) but it’s small like the WOC and I feel even though velvet is a winter fabric the bright yellow makes it “ok” for summer therefore I will be having a sunny winter this year. I bought this bag from my favourite Chanel store – Brompton Cross, the service is always the best and most calm store. This bag comes in navy and burgundy this season, which one would you buy? This bag is available to buy in PINK VELVET HERE.

Now for the sneakers 🙂 🙂 🙂 I live in trainers and had my eye on these running style sneakers but was waiting for the right colour. This style and colour never sold in the UK so I frantically called every Chanel boutique in France and even called Vegas. NYC and Miami. When my phone bill came in at £420 I instantly knew why and was dying when Paris called Vodafone to ask why my bill was so high. He wrote down all the numbers and called one by one, he must of thought I was having an affair with a French man, technically you could say I am because order viagra generic Chanel is my other love. The phone calls went something like this:

Bonjour Chanel Rue Cambon

Salut Chanel Avenue Montaigne

Wee Chanel Galeries Lafayette

Wee Chanel Cannes 

Do you get the idea?

During my trip to Paris with NIKE I visited the stores but they had all sold out. When I returned home I found them on Vestiaire Collective, they had just been uploaded and in my size. The price was higher then the retail but I didn’t care, what do you expect for sold out Chanel shoes. The photo wasn’t great but I took the chance. When they arrived they looked like new and so much better then the photo I was sooooo pleased. This was my first purchase from Vestiaire Collective and going to be the first of many. The turn over and selection of products are like no other pre loved on line shopping destination. You can also sell your items so I recommend checking them out.

I am selling my grey Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour click HERE to see photos. This is a reluctant sale as I barely got use out if it, I wore it to Paris fashion week and once shopping, the bag is like new and I am so sad to see it go its one of my last non Chanel bags I have left to sell. The retail price is £1700 and I am selling for £1150. Please email if you are interested.

My waterfall braid was done at Joes Salon on Sloane Ave, London. I have lived in Chelsea for three and half years and finally found an amazing hair salon. My hair dresser is Coco (I know amazing name and meant to be) she is the bet colourist EVER and can create any braid I ask of her. To make an appointment call 020 7581 1122. I will talk amore about Joe’s Salon in my next beauty post.

So what do you think of the new BOY and the sneakers?!



CHANEL SNEAKERS Vestiaire Collective Similar HERE



Leather Shorts  


CC xx

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The Provoker August 15, 2014 - 5:07 pm

Sorry to hear about the phone bill, but omg that boy, I don’t know who I love more: the boy or the braid. There’s no comparison, it’s gotta be the braid… not! <3

Adele August 15, 2014 - 5:39 pm

The yellow boy & grey sneakers look fabulous together! I love browsing on Vestiaire Collective, it’s addictive!!!!
Hugs xoxo


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