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by Claire Chanelle







You will be surprised to know that day to day this is how I dress; always wearing trainers or head to toe gym kit. This look is kind of like the Chelsea look as all the women walk around in gym stuff (but do not actually work out) and usually carrying a Chanel or Hermes bag, to me this is something I Iaugh to myself about. This is not why I dress like this, I do actually work out and like to be comfortable in the day. I absolulty love working out, it makes me feel good all day and I am more productive after a good work out. I am also stepping up a gear because I have my hen at the end of April (SO EXCITED) and my wedding in August.

I try out a lots of fitness classes all around London and so honoured to be involved with NIKE UK attending all their fitness events and workouts. I want to share with you the classes I love and the classes that are most value for money and most effective. Usually I upload a photo on social media with a quick caption but now I will be writing a review on each class. Just to set the record straight I am already fairly fit and work out every week as oftern as possible but I work full time and can not work out a much as I would like to and therefore not super duper fit. I used to run for Essex; the 100 and 200 meters so I like high intensity and would pick boxing, spinning or running over yoga with that said it is important to work all areas of the body so I try out everything.

Today I am talking about Pilates at Heartcore Life in Chelsea. I always dismissed Pilates because I tried yoga once, didn’t love it and thought they were basically the same thing. It wasn’t until I started loving yoga (thanks to NIKE) and realised that every girl I met with an amazing body would tell me they went to Pilates. I finally gave it a try last year and loved it, the only reason I did not go again was because of the price; £27 was a lot to spend each time I wanted to go. A few months went by and I started getting bored at the gym and again meeting girls with amazing “Pilates bodies” so I signed up to another class. This time I really really loved the class and felt like I had worked harder than all my gym session spread over the last two weeks. I found this class to be more intense than the previous one so I would recommend looking into the teacher; maybe you prefer a more zen vibe than high intensity? The first class I had was still really hard and made me ache the next day but I really enjoyed the fast pace of this class with Melika.  I then put into prospective £27 a class once a week is small price to pay to get a perfect body and when I said “get the perfect body” I really do feel like Pilates is the only thing that challenges me this much and the only class I have done that made me ache for three days after (not forgetting that work out I took part in Paris that time here.) Pilates makes you use muscle you do not use in a general gym work out, well in my case anyway. I noticed that all the “Pilates body” girls were really toned and not at all bulky, this is what I want to achieve: toned muscle without being bulky. After trying this class twice it is within my top two workout classes (I will reveal my other fave soon) and well worth the £27, I also compared this price to other work outs and £27 really isn’t bad when some other classes I have tried have been up to £40 for a group session. The main factor is this class really does work and it’s the kind of workout you can not do alone in your gym so it’s 10 out of ten when it comes to value for money and instant results. This class is great for men too, I took Paris with me, he said it would not do anything for him and called it a girls class. He was offivlally the worst in the class and really struggled to use his core strength and balance. We were both suprised  how hard it was and how much it had effected our bodies after.

If you check out the prices HERE you will see its better to buy a course as opposed to one at a time. This Pilates workout is going to be apart of my wedding workout regime to get me the perfect body. I really recommend this class for toning, relaxation and quick results. Heartcore also offer TRX and Barre classes which I can not wait to try and test for you.

The only bad thing about this class was the teacher Melika, she was so hot it was almost offensive!













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