Surprise from Paris

by Claire Chanelle

A red leather Balenciaga  cuff with rose gold studs.

Red Balenciaga leather cuff with rose gold studs.

Red Balenciaga leather cuff with rose gold studs.

Paris bought me this gorgeous cuff today. He picked it out all by himself. He knows I like red, rose gold and Balenciaga so amazing present. It also goes perfectly with a rose gold ring I wear everyday that he bought me. Apparently I deserve this for two reasons. Because I have been ill for two weeks now and he felt sorry for me. And because a few days ago he found a new expensive purchase that I had hidden away from him :/ that he found! He told me to take it back immediately. I did so without any fuss (when normally I flat out refuse.) I love it! Thank you Paris.xx

Claire xx

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1 comment

lorna May 17, 2012 - 8:06 pm

I love this cuff, would not have thought to buy it in red but seeing it on I will venture from the more conventional colours.
Please keep us posted on all your ideas.
I need my daily fix, so many new ideas all I need now is a bigger purse.


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