It’s Official!

by Claire Chanelle











It’s official; I am a CHANELOHOLIC!

Let me start to explain an important factor; I didn’t win the lottery I have just been working really hard and been saving for my next Chanel and the perfect BOY. I bought the Paris Dallas BOY for a client and fell in love with this one after looking after it for two days. I was really lucky because when I usually buy any Chanel bag I feel under pressure because I always see the styles and colours I love when I have no money and when I do have the money its a big decision because it’s a lot of money and you have to decide on the spot if you want it or not. The styles and colour come and go, Chanel waits for no one so when you see the one you love get it! I was unsure about the Dallas hard wear but I actually love it, it’s so different and I do have three other Boys with the original hard wear and of course I have the matching necklace and earrings. I really wanted grey (my fave colour) and although this grey is slightly blue I like that because it won’t stain and a lighter grey would be too similar to my beige one. I found an amazing grey one HERE which I very nearly bought the day before I saw the Dallas one, I only decided on the Dallas because I already had one at the Chelsea Styling office. This style was £2990 which is more then the usual £2640 because of the hard wear.

Paris bought me the black finish Dallas necklace that you saw here and yesterday bought me the matching earrings because he saw how much I loved the necklace and now I had a Dallas hard wear Boy he wanted me to have everything matching, otherwise (trust me) he would never be so generous over the period of two weeks, so I am a very lucky girl.

To enable me to afford the Dallas I needed to raise some money fast so decided for the first time ever to sell some shoes and maybe a bag. I got carried away and sold quite a few bags and a few pairs of shoes. I loved everything I sold but some of the items I no longer wear and what would I prefer; to keep them or buy ANOTHER Chanel?! I got so carried away and I actually raised enough for a whole new Chanel and a bit more. I intended to save the extra I made but then Designer Exchange called and told me about the denim BOY. I have had my eye on this one for roughly a year but never feel comfortable buying designer items second hand from people I don’t know. I sold all my items so quick because my readers trust me, they know my items are authentic and I won’t be scamming them. The denim Boy is a dream, its like new and I really wanted a small one. The price was £1200 which is amazing and the same price as a WOC so of course I couldn’t say no and spent my new “savings” in half  a day. I had a two minute thought to return the Dallas boy because they were similar but you can see from the photos they are different, different in size, fabric and clasp. I basically talked myself into keeping both 🙂 I really love denim, just like a pair of jeans you can mix and match it and its 2014 so denim is chic and we can make it glam! This one HERE was my second choice and the one I nearly bought.

Finally I decided on a white jumbo classic flap. I wanted a jumbo size and was defiantly all “Boy bagged out!” I decided on white because I really love the small size Deisgner Exchange gifted me. White goes with everything and looked great with everything I was wearing with the vintage one. I am going to be extra careful about the colour so fingers crossed it doesn’t stain. Any tips to keep it clean? This jumbo was £3450 and I saw next season the jumbo seasonal colour will be grey with silver and the price will be £3780! I found some similar white jumbo classics at reasonable prices HERE HERE and HERE.

Soon I will write about the prices of Chanel, colours and leathers, what else would you like to know?

I am off to Paris today with NIKE UK and extremely excited. Stay tuned on my social media to see what we are up to. Now I need to decide which two out the three to take with me? Which one is your favourite and which style would be your dream Chanel?


CHANEL Jumbo Classic Flap Similar HERE HERE HERE

CHANEL Boy Similar Grey one HERE

CHANEL Denim Boy Similar HERE

CC xx

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Ally July 9, 2014 - 10:02 am

Love all three!
Such a beautiful trio!
Take the grey one to Paris!
🙂 x

irena July 9, 2014 - 4:26 pm

I love Chanel!!!! ahhh great post

Adele July 9, 2014 - 7:19 pm

Fabulous finds! I love the white jumbo
Hugs xoxo


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