Miss Fran – High Voltage

by Claire Chanelle

miss francesca couture

A couple of weeks ago I visited Liverpool for the second time. I really enjoy Liverpool as the people are so friendly and the girls are so glamourous! I was there for one reason and that was to view Miss Francesca Coutures new High Voltage SS13 collection.

miss francesca couture

The event was held at West Africa House where the girls had created a pop up shop for the weekend. I was greeted with pink Lambrini and a fantasy, doll like world. The space looked amazing. When I said hi to Fran I was a bit jealous of her Céline shoes. They are probably the only pair of shoes I talked myself out of purchasing because I told my self I had enough. I won’t be doing that again, because it will only come back round again and haunt me! Aren’t they beautiful?

celine shoes

francesca couture

francesca couture

francesca couture

On my way to the bar I reminded myself this was not a party for me and I needed to change direction and head to the rails of clothes! Immediately I was excited. I could see red and grey, two of my favourite colours! Normally I associate MFC with pink and creams as I have only seen one of her collections prior to this. Before I was over the colour excitement I spotted tops, then I spotted Jackets then I spotted LACE!! Ok so I have a thing for jackets, I also have an obsession for lace and pearls. It was like the  collection had been made for me. If I talk about every piece we would all get bored so I have chosen to talk about my top three pieces!

francesca couture

miss francesca couture

On the way to Liverpool I ordered some Valentino shoes from Net A Porter (I will share those with you soon.) Guess what the name of the lush, lace jacket was called…..Valentina! I took that as a sign, it was meant for me and my new shoes! Plus it matched the outfit I was wearing, another sign! The Valentina is such a perfect jacket, it fits so well. It is important for me when I try something on it feels nice and feels…..well not cheap basically. This just felt right. I have not seen anything similar to the shape and style across any of the designer brands. This jacket would be great for anyone who is looking for a statement piece that will vamp up any outfit and you can wear over and over. If I had this jacket I would most definitely buy the lace shorts too. Would make such a cute outfit and you could wear them together as well as separate. Also remember everything at MFC is hand created for the customer, so if you’re petite or have big boobies blah blah MFC can tailor the measurements to your size. I am head over heels for this jacket!!

Valentina lace jacket

lace jacket

lace jackets

I am so pleased this High Voltage collection has mix and match pieces. I love the fabulous, big tutu dresses. These dresses are MFC signature pieces and she executes them so well. However for me I would love something unique and statement such as a jacket or a top so I could get more wear out to it. This is why I love this collection. There are now tops, blouses, trousers and jackets all available in the statement piece style.

Another one of my favourite was the gold sequin jacket, this is perfect for any special occasion. I have so many ideas of how I would wear this. I have been looking for a bright gold sequin jacket for a long, long time but every one I came across just looked cheap. This is the perfect sequin jacket, perfect shape, perfect gold, just perfect!

sequin gold jacket

My third favourite piece was Tatiana dress OMG it is so bloody amazing. I get so excited when I see a dress, jacket or whatever that is so unique and I haven’t seen before. As you know I shop A LOT and I also work in Harrods. Therefore every day I am surrounded by the most luxurious brands in the world. I have never seen anything similar to this dress. I also love exaggerated collars, you probably can tell this from the other MFC blouse I wear. You can wear the collar two ways which is an added bonus. This dress comes in red, black and grey aka my three fav colours. I think I would choose the grey, but then would feel the need to order the red as well. I am greedy like that.

exaggerated collar dress

Tatiana dress

I know I said three pieces but I just also loved the Selina oversized bow top! This was so cute. Over sized and statement. I would buy this blouse because I feel the only brand that offers good blouses is Zara and I just get so bored of only shopping in Zara, plus ten million other people will have it and I HATE THAT! This is an example of an amazing blouse.

bow blouse

So these are the three (ok four) pieces I feel we should all have. Not forgetting the unique dresses MFC is mostly recognised for. Take a look at the full collection on the website or visit their YouTube channel here. Do not forget to add them on Instgram too for more photos.

My favourite part of the night was the photo booth. You know from the Jimmy Choo event I told you all how much I love a pose up and a photo booth. So of course I loved that. I really enjoyed the Union Dolls; rocker chic band and the charity T shirts designed for ‘Cash 4 Kids’. If you order anything try and buy one of these for charity, they are £20.

The night was finished off in Mosquito where everyone thought that Paris was Cesc Fàbregas hahaha was so funny people asking him for photos. We got a free table and free drinks because of it. However Paris is a bit shy and we left because he was embarrassed awwwww.

mosquito liverpool

My next post I  will talk about my look for the event. I also had a competition running for the best dressed. I will upload some of the entries and let you pick the winner! Finally I will be uploading a video of the evening so you can see more.

Claire xx

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nadja November 8, 2012 - 7:32 pm

gorgeous 🙂

Lamiese November 16, 2012 - 12:06 pm

Im so desperate to get to Liverpool and get the gold francesca couture dress. OMG looking at all of the clothes on the rails and freaking out!!! I NEED x


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