Missoni Moments

by Claire Chanelle

missoni dress

Paris bought me this Missoni dress for Christmas and then I bought a matching bikini in the sale. I was so hot and only wore the dress to take a photo for you guys! I bought the Kenzo cap a couple of weeks before my holiday, I was unsure if I would wear it as it is a bit “hiphop” looking. I wore it a lot whilst I was away and I am glad I bought it, I also had alot of likes on instagram so I am guessing you all liked it too?

Before I went to Brazil I was excited to buy some new bikinis as I imagined it was what you buy in Brazil, apart from flip-flops. The bikinis in Brazil are tiny to say the least, they are good for achieving the perfect tan with minimal tan lines. I bought a leopard print one as I love a bit of leopard.


kenzo cap


leopard print bikini

bikini leopard print

balenciaga sandals

I am wearing: Missoni dress, Kenzo cap,

Missoni bikini, bikini from Brazil,

Balenciaga sandals.

Claire xx

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