Ninja Tiger

by Claire Chanelle

kenzo tiger sweater

As you know I shopped in Kenzo this week, Kenzo is my new addiction. I like shopping there because Paris likes the brand and it is nice for him to be able to shop once and a while. I can also get away with wearing some of the things he buys in there as a lot of the sweaters are unisex.

chouquette fashion blog

One of the sweaters I bought was this knitted tiger with the tail on the back. I do not normally ever wear green, specially dark green but I thought it was a nice change. The other colour I could have bought was the off white but I know I can never be trusted to wear anything white and expensive. At least with the green I can hide the dirt!

I popped into Jimmy Choo, Sloane Street to pick up my biker boots as I had them refurbished.

givenchy knightingale

london fashion blogger



kenzo tiger

kenzo tiger jumper

givenchy mini knightingale

kenzo tiger fever

london street style

chouquette fashion blog

I would also wear this with a leather skirt or some denim shorts. I do not normally buy clothes as branded as this huge “KENZO” across my chest but I just could not resist and it is fine for a one off. I might have bought a cap as well and few t shirts AND the socks! NO more Kenzo for me now! I must have six bags sitting in my bedroom.

What do  you think of my new bag? I uploaded a few Givenchy bags on my Instagram because I could not decide whether to buy a Pandora or a mini Knightingale. Well as you can see I decided on the mini Knightingale. I also chose black over red which is a first for me. I chose the black because I needed an everyday bag to go with everything. It is the perfect size and I am so pleased with it. I hope you agree I made the right choice?

You have seen my Zara jeans in black with the black leather stripe? Here is the white version with the same black leather stripe down the side. I do not think I have worn these boots on the blog yet. I bought them the same time as my other Christian Louboutin biker boots. I LOVE these boots, they are so high but so comfortable and of course I love studs.

christian louboutin stud boots

kenzo tiger jumper

I have a little collection growing now. I bought some more today too which I will share with you soon.

kenzo tiger sweater

green kenzo tiger top

I love this Kenzo knitted cardigan for men too, what do you think? A bit girly?

kenzo cardigan

I am wearing: Kenzo tiger sweater, Zara jeans,

Christian Louboutin studded boots, Chanel J12 watch,

with Givenchy Mini Knightingale bag.

Chanelle xx

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