by Claire Chanelle

whistles leather jacket

I am so behind on the fashion week’s photos please forgive me! I have a few outfit posts lined up ready to show you but the plan was to share these with you after the fashion weeks were over. I wanted to publish this outfit before I continue with the LFW and PFW because I had a lot of emails regarding the leather jacket and my stacked necklace.

This look is a signature style for me as I am a tom boy at heart and love wearing simple staple pieces and mixing them with some statement jewellery and a nice bag. You will also never catch me walking around in heels during the day, I wish I could be glamourous like that because heels really do make any outfit and make your legs look so much better.

My leather jacket is from Whistles and took me forever to find and unfortunately it is now sold out, the good news is there are so many brands and high street stores which stock similar ones. I first came across this jacket by Alexander Wang and knew I had to have a quilted bomber jacket although I did not want to pay Alexander Wang prices! Everyone knows I am a Chanel addict so the quilted leather blends in well with my wardrobe of Chanel obsession! I also liked this jacket because it is a bomber style and warm for the winter. So after seeing the Wang bomber I searched high and low for a high street copy as I always have the “high street rule” as what is the point of paying four times the price if you can get it on the high street. Six months ago when I bought the jacket there was not one high street copy so normally I would just buy the designer one but in this case I could not justify £2000 on a casual jacket, I would spend this on a Balmain or Céline leather jacket because I can wear them all year round day or night, where as a bomber is casual and too hot for the summer. I finally found the Whistles copy which was prices around £395 but it had already sold out really fast, a month of searching I finally found one and I am really happy with it. Because the Wang jacket was last season the high street stores have copied it now so there are lots for you to choose from, I will provide some links at the end of this post.

My necklace is £25 from Newlook and such a great bargain. I usually buy individual necklaces and stack them up but this method can be really expensive with each pieces costing from £15 so when I came across this one it was definitely worth the money. The necklace is quite heavy too so really worth the money.

quilted leather jacket leather bomber jacket stacked silver necklace newlook stacked necklaceblack and white boots silver layered necklace whilstles quilted leather jacket

Whistles Leather Jacket, Similare here and here and here and here.

Zara Tee, Zara Jeans,

Toga and Pulla Shoes

Newlook Necklace

Chanel Boy Bag

Claire xx

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