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by Claire Chanelle

spotted on celeb




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You can probably tell from my instagram photos I am a fan of the brand For Love and Lemons. Two years ago I ordered the style similar to this dress in nude and yellow, do you remember this one? I paid a fortune in shipping and custom charge and I had to order two because I was not sure on the sizing. Sizing is something bloggers should talk about because when you’re ordering something on line you can’t try on it’s good to get sizing advice. Going back to my story I had to send one back and it was such a long process getting my customs charge refunded and I had to pay the shipping back to America, basically the whole thing was annoying and expensive; a dress that costs £250 (which is at the high end of my dress spending) soon becomes £350 after all the charges.

THEN I DISCOVERED SPOTTED ON CELEB and all my dreams came running back to me. I am such a fan of this website and it was my saviour for Vegas. If you read my blog you will know I hate dress shopping for an occassion, I am always buying something I dont love so my tip is to buy a good dress when you see it and save it. I had a denim Balmain (I wore it to Britney Spears) tucked away but that was it! I had been so busy I had no time to plan my outfits and go shopping. I spent a full day stalking one of the co owners (Flavia) instagram because she wears all of the stock and it’s the best way to see the dresses, I can not recommended following her account enough. Not only does Flavia wear the dresses the company sells, she also has a killer body which is my inspiration because we are the same age and she has two children. The inspo doesn’t stop there as Flavia also has the best bag and shoe collection, if you are not a follower you will be now so click here to see her insta.

OK so now we are all in love with Flavia and Spotted on Celeb, here’s where it gets good (for Europeans) this website allows me to shop all these American and Australian brands with shipping under £10, NO custom charge and easy returns if I need it. I am so happy! I tested out the customer service and delivery time by purchased my first dress. My dress came two days after payment and any questions I had were answered instantly on their social media here. This site is officially my fave and when ever I need a special occasion dress I will be shopping here.

To anyone that has visited Las Vegas you will know I am standing on the main strip and it is never ever this empty. I woke up at 5:30 am to shoot my looks in order to achieve the perfect photo avoiding the crowds. I hope you enjoyed this post.

My next post will be discussing the sizing of the brand For Love and Lemons so you know what sizes to order.





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