Summer Leather Jacket

by Claire Chanelle

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Today I have included more photos than usual because I loved this outfit. Tell me what you prefer: plenty of photos like this or are you happy with a maximum six photos so you can read quicker?

Fringing is one of my favourite things to wear, I don’t know what it is about tassel’s but I love them, it must be that inner hippy I always feel I have. Right now I am in LOVE with the new Balmain fringed jacket here (last photo) but it’s something like £3k. I bought a beautiful red vintage one which I will show you next week and I just got this cream (real) suede one from Miss Selfridge. As soon as I saw it I wanted it because I was looking for a white leather jacket and with the tassels it was amazing. I have a faux suede one for H&M here but nothing beats a real leather jacket. The price was so reasonable like I feel everything is in Miss Selfridge. It comes in tan too here which I also got and will be uploading tomorrow or Wednesday. This jacket is really light weight so it’s going to be perfect for the summer and evenings on holiday.

My white flares are also Miss Selfridge and my summer essential. The English summer will never be too hot to wear jeans and they are perfect for summer evenings. One thing I have noticed is how white does not make you look slim haha have you see how big my bum is in these! I never realised so white jeans will give me an incentive to stop eating cakes.

My next topic is to discuss CHICWISH. I am sure most of you have come across this website and maybe like me you were unsure if you should order or not. I was contemplating the quality of the products. I found a few nice pieces I wanted to order so I thought I would take th eplunge and if I didn’t like itat least I can advise you not to shop there. I ordered two tops and the a skirt I was seriously excited about. I was so pleased with my order, the quality for the prices is more than reasonable and the items did not look cheap comapkred some UK sites I have ordered from. The pieces are orignial and oen thing I will advise on is the sizing. I thought for a cheaper website i would need to order bigger so I ordered mediums. The sizing is actually really good and you should order your usual size. Nect time, yes there will definitly be a next time, I will order smalls. I can’t wait to show you my skirt 🙂 For now here is top number one, I love the lace and the transparent panel. I have nothing in my wardrobe similar and if it was in say Zara it would be more expensive. Chicwish get’s the thumbs up from me.










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