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Today I am really excited to finally share the behind the scenes photos from my photo shoot with The Sunday Times Style Magazine. – Pack Mentality. You can read the full article if you buy The Sunday Times today or read here on line.

When The Sunday Times contacted me to be part of their Fit Not Thin Campaign I was of course excited to be featured in one of the biggest British tabloids but also to be apart of a story important to me; fashion and fitness.

The day started at The Sunday Times head office in London where we had our make up and hair done, we also had the choice to pull some looks to wear for the shoot. I personally wanted to wear my own clothes because the shoot was about how we work out and how we fit it into our busy lives, the other girls also felt the same. The Chanel necklace and hair down was important for me because I do wear sports clothes pretty much everyday because I like to squeeze in work outs when I can, plus I am rushing around and move very fast. I also pair my sports stuff with Chanel because that’s just me.

Let me introduce you to the other girls. Elle Hankinson – senior trend forecasting editor at WGSN and founder of Run Like Elle. Emily Deyn – fashion designer of Title A with her sister Agyness Deyn. Fred Butler – accessories designer, you have to check out her website Fred Butler Style to see how amazing she is. Flossie Saunders – fashion editor at The Sunday Times. It was so fun to share the day with such diverse girls that are all in the fashion industry. We all do different things but our common interest is sport and how we fit this into our busy fashion schedule.

My interview with  Edwina Ings Chambers:

How did you get into sport: I was always into sports as a child I used to run for Essex, the 100m and 200m. At university I took my exercising to the extreme training 6/7 days a week sometimes twice a day and I would say it was an unhealthy obsession. The only way I knew how to deal with this was to stop exercising which was made easy when I moved to London four years ago. I hated running in the busy streets and simply did not have the time.

How did it all start again: As the years passed I really missed exercise, especially running but I was way to busy to fit it in. This all changed with a simple gadget; The Nike Fuelband. I wanted one because I thought it would encourage me to take the stairs instead of the lift and help me realise just how lazy I was. The Fuelband is not just for uber sporty people its great for everyday people that want to make a little more effort. I am very competitive (instilled from my sporting background I think) and extremely hard on myself so I made it my goal to to hit my Nike target and exceed it! Nike picked up on my enthusiasm and they started introducing me to all the activities that were right on my doorstep; Nike running club, fitness classes and We Own The Night 10k run. I found my self attending the Nike running club every Monday and training four times a week. I found my love for fitness again after all these years of holding back because I was sacred to take it to the extreme again. Nike showed me how I can make fitness fun by mixing it up with different classes and the running club helped me to get into a routine. This was a major turning point in my life this year and I am extremely grateful to Nike for this. The training for the WOTN was amazing for me, I felt more energised and less stressed. This was my first ever long-distance run and the feeling after felt so good I want to do another one. My goal is to run the San Fran half marathon.

How do you fit fitness into your lifestyle: I run in-between meetings so a good fitness kit is essential. I don’t forget I am going to a “fashion” meeting so I will always make sure my hair and nails are looking good, I have a nice new running kit and I always have an amazing bag 🙂 I love to run with my Chanel vintage backpack that Designer Exchange gave me as well as my oversized Chanel reissue also from Designer Exchange. If I am not in my sports kit you will always see me in sneakers because I constantly dart everywhere and trainers are the only way I can get through the day.

How do people react to you turning up in sports kits all sweaty: At first they seemed surprised but everyone wants to be fit so they respect what I am trying to do, it’s inspiring and a good conversation starter. Usually everyone will comment on my sneakers or say they will go to the gym later. I feel like its more accepted now and sportswear is taking over!

I can imagine you running around like a mermaid with legs with your flowing hair and Chanel backpack: I always run with my hair down it feels more relaxing and my hair is way to heavy to tie up. It also makes me appear less scruffy for the meetings!

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CC xx

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Adele September 1, 2014 - 8:20 am

What a fab feature, I love the outfit you wore & was interested to read your fitness story.
Hugs xoxo


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