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After a full five days in Dallas for the Reward Style conference Emma and I decided to meet up with Paris (who had been at a ranch somewhere playing with cows) and have a mini road tour around Texas. It was a record mini tour and I think Emma was thinking “jesus christ where is Paris taking us”. Emma soon learnt that Paris can not go to country without seeing as much as possible. I enjoy it now also because I come home knowing I have seen as much as possible. I doubt I am going to go to Texas often (as much as I would love to it’s not realistic) so it was so great to see so many towns. When we hit Cali that was more of a road trip because we spent a few days in each town and it was more relaxing. I can not stress enough how important it is to plan you holidays well. You are spending so much money so make sure you spend your time wisely and I suggest finding a great travel agent who can plan your trip and not just book your flights. Most travel agents make so much money on adding profit to your flights/accommodation so I understand you want to book it yourself to save money. My key tip is to find a travel agent that you can trust and that means you need to work side by side with an agent. This way you can create a bespoke trip and make sure you are getting value for your money. You can book it yourself but how will you know where to go if you haven’t already been to the place before? I don’t trust googling places because these popular places are always the tourist traps.

I book all my holiday via KENSINGTON & PEARL I can’t take any credit for the trips you see me go on. If you want my Snaps or watched my Q&A video here you will already know about the agency. This travel agent focus on tailor made tours so there is plenty of one on one contact and the service is all about the planning when you reach your destination and not just about making money off your flights and booking in general. K&P are a modern way to book your holiday, they offer more than competitor website who will only book your holiday and that is it, there is no personal touch, no tours or restaurants planned and they don’t have that luxury feel. Each agent is well travel and most of the tours have already been experienced by one of the agents so they can give first hand advise.

Although K&P are luxury they don’t come with an over priced booking fee. We researched so many travel companies for our previous holidays and they were either over priced and only offering flight and hotels that we could find ourselves and then there were the “luxury agents” who made me pass out when they gave us a quote for a basic holiday. I am not going to pay triple the price just because the agency brand themselves as “luxury”. K&P offer something new and I feel like they are changing the travel market. You will receive that luxury service, one on one interaction to ensure you plan your dream trip that’s purely for you, they send you an itinerary’s and do all the work for you. The company made me feel really special because they sent us a leather travel holder and luggage name tags, it’s the little things that excite me. Another key aspect they offer is recommending unique, undiscovered places. They are focused on sending their clients to beautiful destination as opposed to the tourist places which is my worst nightmare. If you book a certain amount of holidays you will qualify for a membership card which I think gives you a discount or access to more holiday information but to find out more about this contact them via the website here. 

If you are planning a trip or maybe a honeymoon and you like the look of all my holidays, I recommend to contact KENSINGTON & PEARL. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Europe or Asia every trip is personal to you. It’s worth getting a quote and finding out if this service suits you. Travel is such a huge part of our lives and personally I wouldn’t book my holidays with anyone else.

Click here to visit the website and get a quote for your dream trip. Click here to follow their Instagram.

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My Look:

This is what I wore to travel from Dallas to San Antonio. This is my perfect outfit. I live in these buckled boots, they are amazing value for what they are and they look so good with literally everything. I have had them for two years now. Click here to buy. My denim shorts are also my absolute faves, they are so comfy and this is my favourite brand when it comes to denim. Click here to buy. My jumper was a new item that I ordered for this trip. I loved the ballon sleeves and it is really soft even though it was a really cheap price. I try to avoid packing lot’s of jumpers as they take up too much space. I loved this jumper because it was warm, comfy and it will go with everything. Click here to buy.

I bought the suede shoulder jacket for Coachella as it was the perfect Coachella piece. This jacket is so cool, it sits on the shoulder and then hangs on the front. The quality is amazing, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the post. I will keep this in my wardrobe as one of my statement pieces, I absolutely love it. There is a similar style side jacket which I haven’t stopped thinking of since April so I think today I will take the plunge and order it. Leather jackets are great investments buys, the quality of this brand is really great and I know I will wear it so much. It also comes in tan and you can have a look here.






CC xx

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Mia May 18, 2016 - 8:14 pm

All your holidays always look so amazing – totally agree if you’re planning a big trip it’s best to get an expert involved! You’re giving me serious inspo for my summer holiday.
Love the outfit as always! And Paris is right it’s great to explore.

I have 2 questions for you – firstly do you ever find your chron’s impacts what you feel comfortable in? I have bladder issues and at times I don’t feel comfortable in the clothes I’d like to wear.

Secondly I have a few designer handbags but always dreamed of a Chanel. Do you reckon saving up for the Chanel is a better investment long term than buying another cheaper designer handbag?eg a givenchy or Gucci.

Hope you don’t mind answering! X

Chouquette May 23, 2016 - 3:52 pm

Yes def my Crohn’s alway smokes me feel uncomfortable because I always have tummy pains and feel bloated. I just deal with it or wear baggie clothes. This is the reason why I live in bf jeans!

I def think selling your bags and buying a CHANEL is worth it. They never go into the sale, they stand the test of time because they are classic and they work well with most outfits. It is a personal preference. I love all my other bags and like having a mix but if I had to choose five designer bags over one CHANEL I would pick the CHANEL. X

Mia May 24, 2016 - 4:09 pm

Thanks so much for the reply X

Lara Evans May 20, 2016 - 10:14 am

Hi Claire

I am desperately trying to find the Givenchy code in your ‘blogs’ on your website but cant locate it…and i cant find your snapchat where you talked through it!

Could you help…before they sell out and i cry my eyes out ta my desk! ha

Thank you very much


Chouquette May 23, 2016 - 3:48 pm

Hey I have a new code. click and type in “PLUS” this code only works on selected items but try it out. x


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