Today I will Believe In Myself More

by Claire Chanelle


Today I am sharing a simple day too day outfit but still focusing on pieces that can be re worn and mixed with the rest of my wardrobe.

You may remember a few days ago I posted a similar top here? It’s similar because it is the same brand….MARCH 11. I love this brand, I love the quality, the colours and how versatile they are to wear. I love the dress style here and love the new collection here. I think navy is a flattering colour on most skin tones, next time you see something in navy; try it on and you will be surprised how flattering it is.

My jeans are my go to jeans for the past few weeks. I loves them so much I bought them in black and then again (in the same colours) but smaller sizes so they were tighter.

I was walking around all day so I wore my new fave loafers, yep another addition to the pearl collection. I have the black ones here, which you can see in a previous post here. Buy a size up or just be mindful they run tight due to the fact there is no fastening.

I picked out the red in my top and wore my Gucci Dionysus. These bags are so practical, that’s why I use this one and my black one so much. So many of you ask me how practical the suede fabric is. My honest answer is that the suede has been surprisingly durable. I have worn both this Dionysus and my black one in the rain multiple times. When ever these bags get marked, I can just brush it out. The red one has not marked at all, it’s still immaculate. The black one is slightly more worn but if you look closely there are no marks at all. They have both been on three holidays with me, including being squashed in a suitcase or on a plane floor. You can see from my content that I wear both bags a lot, traveling around and they do just fine in the British rainy weather. Literally no faults about these bags.

On a completely different note and referring to the title of this post, I wanted to address something I feel that needs to be said. I hope you do not mind?

Yesterday a girl left a comment on my blog regarding my spelling and grammar. I received an email, lots of snaps and a text off my best friend all commenting on the same subject; my spelling and grammar. I owe everyone an apology for this and a thank you to anyone who took the time to tell me because it showed me that A. you read my blog and B. that you care. My honest answer/excuse is because deep down I still think no one reads my blog. I can see the hit rate per day and the interaction but I just tell myself you are looking at a few photos, seeing what I am wearing then clicking off the page. I struggle with spelling and grammar, I like to think it’s because I am so creative and you can’t have everything 🙂 When I have days where I have so much on, I think to myself “oh there is no point reading it all back because no one reads it anyway.” This mentally of mine is stopping today. From today onwards I will believe in my self that you are reading my words, you deserve better and I can do better. The comment I read five minutes ago gave me that final push I needed. Thank you. Please do keep commenting to give me the confidence I need. Sharing my life on the internet is great for me because I really enjoy it. However it’s quite terrifying because most people are so judgmental. Everyone comment means so much to me and it will show me you do actually read what I say.

If you do see a mistake feel free to correct me but please go easy on me because even at thirty one this is an area I have struggled with all my life. I will not use it as an excuse I will just have to spend more time on my content. To anyone that did comment about this subject, I hope you were not offended me sharing this. It really helped me.

More importantly I hope this outfit inspired you today.








Hair by Tatiana Karelina 

CC xx


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Lizzy C October 24, 2016 - 9:18 pm

Hi Claire

Don’t worry about grammar and spelling – although i understand that things like that are important to be correct for a blogger, I think your personality shines through in your posts, your instagram and your snaps. I’ve totally changed my style and the clothes I buy after following your blog and insta, i’m 50 but young at heart and I love the casual tom boy style and have become more adventurous with style and colour and i find you really inspirational and your snaps are funny and i think you come across in a really endearing way so don’t go changing! Lots of love and keep on doing what you’re doing! Liz xxxx

Chouquette October 25, 2016 - 7:20 pm

Hi Liz,

Thank you for a lovely comment 🙂 It has made my day to know I have inspired you.

Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to leave the comment.


Sarah October 26, 2016 - 7:40 am

Hello Claire

It was me, as you know, who left a comment about the spelling and prose. I did so, not from a place of patronisation, but because you must know how important your direction and edit has become! I rate your input as high as I do Vogue or In Style and seek it out for advice and styling consult.
On a professional basis, I love fashion and I love that your have worked hard to get where you are, you are open about your loves and influences and you are an inspirational woman to younger females. You may have guessed I work in education (sorry!) and I use social media content with some of our young people to show them what they can aspire to. I am far happier wanting them to be the next Chouquette, rather than the next Taylor Swift!

Keep on doing what you’re doing and have faith. Also, great to see a proof read copy.

Best wishes
From a friendly head teacher x


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