by Claire Chanelle

Turquoise blue Pigalle 120 Christian Louboutin

Yesterday I was going to Essex to visit my nanna. A break from shopping and blogging for a change. The day didn’t go to plan.

I was just uploading my Celine Phantom post and my phone rings, in its sexy new case that I made yesterday! I will show you that DIY feature tomorrow.

Guess who it was? It was………Christian Louboutin! Ot oh :/ I just knew what was going to happen. When I was on my rampage to find the yellow neon Pigalles and couldn’t find them, I decided to settle for the turquoise pair, but no one had my size. Obviously I put my name down for them. Today they were in. One lonely size 38 waiting for me.

I tell them I will be ten minutes. I um and ah over what to do. Nah I totally didn’t, I just needed to work out how I would get there without Paris asking what I was up to.  I realised I would just have to tell him. With not a second to loose I call him “PARIS PARIS QUICK.” He’s in the shower and I can’t wait. I burst into the bathroom, open the shower door, tell him turn off the water and make him listen to the voicemail form Louboutin. Even for him I think he is seriously starting to think I’m chicken oriental (mental for those of you that don’t know cockney rhyming slang.) He tells me I have a problem and don’t need any more Louboutins. I walk out the bathroom only to walk straight back and tell him again. He shouts at me “can I just finish my shower!” As again I pulled it from my “emergency” money. He was not impressed and still has the ump with me.

I got there and they also had the neon pink Pigalles, which were amazing but I decided on the turquoise. For some strange reason they are bigger than my yellow ones and fit me terribly. They kill my feet, they’re too big, they slip when I walk AND they have a big ripple on the side (they’re faulty). Remember the girl I saw buy the Celine bag with the big scratch? Well I felt like her. So anyone in their right mind wouldn’t have bought them. But we’re talking me and so I walked out with shoes too big with a big ripple on the side. I’m still happy, it’s fine. I would buy a dress with a big muddy foot print across it if I had to. When I want something I want it and no ripple or size issue will get in my way.

So the yellow Pigalles can now sit along side her new twin!

I hope you all agree I made the right choice buying the turquoise and not the neon pink? I should for sure upload a post on my shoes collection so you know what I have and don’t have.

Let me introduce you.

Christian Louboutin pigalle 120 turquoise

Christian Louboutin pigalle 120 turquoise

Christian Louboutin Pigalle blue

Try before you buy. Check out the gap at the back, totally don't even fit me!

Neon pink Christian Louboutin Pigalle shoes 120

The pink Pigalles I didn't buy.

Harrods shoe Boudoir Christian Louboutin

Decisions Decisions

Christina Louboutin boutique shoe shopping

My first 20th anniversary Christian Louboutin store bag!

Starbucks Chanelle

Def I am Chanelle today.

Remember I went to see my glamourous nanna today? I wanted to share this photo of her and her typical parking!

She always needs two spaces.

Chanelle xx

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Shopaholic May 19, 2012 - 11:52 am

How could you not buy pink ones 😉 Both pairs are great, I have black Pigalles 120 and they are 38,5. 38 was too small, 39 sliding off. :-/ They are totally unsuitable for pavements, red carpet and taxi only!

gretta May 21, 2014 - 10:28 pm

OMG this is the shoes that I have been looking for a long time! But for some strange reason I cannot find them anywhere is Toronto, Canada. I would buy them online but I can only find fake ones 🙁 could you please share the information of the store where you bought the amazing shoes, please please!


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