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by Claire Chanelle
Classic chanel flap bag

Classic chanel flap bag

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black and white leather bomber jacket

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miss selfridge bomber jacket

alexander wang boots

varsity bomber jacket

miss selfridge leather jacket

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Welcome everyone to my new flat! The new flat is pretty much like a studio with its perfect lighting and white walls so I took the opportunity to take some photos before we move the furniture in. Light is so important and the number one factor I look for in a new home. Living in central London light flats are hard to come by and a lesson I have learnt; don’t buy dark flats!

The main focus of my post is my Miss Selfridge bomber jacket that I got on the Arcadia Trick or Treat hunt, do you remember? It has been too cold to wear it up until now and quite frankly it is still too cold specially for the shorts but I wanted to show you how I would wear this jacket and this was a rare occasion where I dressed for the blog as opposed to being an outfit I wore that day.

This jacket is now in the sale and such a bargain!! As soon as the weather is better I will be wearing this a lot as you know I love a bit of monochrome.

This week I feel over whelmed as fashion week is fast approaching and I have a lot on and a lot of deadlines to meet……oh god starting to panic already! I hope you enjoy the journey with me and remember Good things come to those THAT GET OFF THEIR ARSE AND WORK FOR IT! Have  great week and happy Monday.

Miss Selfridge Bomber Jacket 

One Teaspoon Shorts

Burberry Prorsum Tshirt

Alexander Wang Boots

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Balenciaga Cuff

CC xx

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