Zara Skorts

by Claire Chanelle

celine mini luggage

We have all seen the Zara “skorts”! I bought the white pair at the beginning of the year which I wore in LA, they are a good inventions however I am slightly disappointed by how many people I have seen wearing them. One of the things I love about Zara is the turn over is fast, you see a dress one day and if you go back the week after its gone and not likely to re appear. I have noticed that Zara are repeating the same styles for a while meaning more people are wearing the same items and outfits…… I hate this! So Zara if you are listening please do not do a Reiss and repeat the same styles over and over so the whole world is wearing the same thing.

I bought the kimono for holidays as its light and chic for the evenings. I am still so happy with my Isabel Marant sandals as they are so easy to wear and give me a little height. I have seen a few pairs left in the Joseph sale at 50% off if anyone is looking for a pair.

zara kimono

zara skorts

celine mini luggage

silk kimono


isabel marant coleen sandals

uk fashion blog

white and black celine mini luggage

floral prints

I am wearing: Zara sports, Zara kimono, WildFox tee, Isabel Marant sandals,

Hermes cuff, Alexander McQueen bracelet, Stella McCartney sunnies

With Celine Mini Luggage.

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Thané August 28, 2013 - 7:55 pm

I LOVE your Celine bag… Travelling by train to London tomorrow to hopefully find one finally… is this a recent one? As you work at harrods is this one in stock atm? x

Chouquette August 29, 2013 - 9:01 am

This one is from three seasons ago and is quite rare. The best time to buy a Celine bag is at 10am when the store opens as they go by 10.05am! Maybe you will get lucky and they will have a late delivery. Good luck and let me know which one you get xx


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