Addicted to Christian? “Will work for Louboutins”.

by Claire Chanelle

As I am sure you have gathered I can not get enough of a certain Frenchie designer who goes by the name of Christian, Christian Louboutin. So far I have 15  pairs and the collection is growing and will continue to grow! Some of them I haven’t even worn because they just aren’t practical, specially with all these cobbled streets and other people standing on me feet in a bar. Don’t you hate that? You dress up wearing your new shoes and someone walks all over them and bosh they are ruined! People just do not understand. Louboutin’s are made for girls and guys who have chauffeur driven lives and that for sure isn’t me. So I mostly buy mine to look at them and create a pretty wardrobe. Either that or I moan all night because I am either in pain or someone has ruined my shoes. I have also learnt its better to be soba whilst wearing them. This way you can look after them better. I am not much of a drinker, yes shocker I know as I’m English AND born and raised in Essex. But there you go. Looking back it would not surprise me if I became accustomed to not drinking because I couldn’t afford it. When I was student I without a shadow of a doubt would priorities a new outfit over drinking. So all you students out there; opt for the outfit! This will set you on the right track to be a shopoholic 🙂 and its better then drinking SAVE YOUR FACE FOR WHEN YOUR OLDER. Drinking ages you. Then theres the calories, I would rather sacrifice a glass of wine and save my calories for a chocolate cake! Enough of cake lets get back to Louboutin.

Basically I love Christian and his shoes! To express my unconditional love I have made you something. This is an advert for a girl (me) who has an addiction for Louboutin, will soon be on the streets and exhausting every avenue to get her next pair!! Of course the girl will still be all glamoured up even though she’s on the streets.

PS Ignore the million mosquito bites I have on my legs. There form St Lucia.







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Kardikan October 23, 2012 - 2:28 pm

very beautifull shoes , you wear them very good.
it assurely would be a good job to work for Louboutin 🙂

ps: sorry for my ba d english 😉

Chouquette October 28, 2012 - 11:19 am

thank you xx


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