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by Claire Chanelle
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First BBQ of 2012

Today is me and Paris’ one year anniversary 🙂

We decided to have a nice simple day just the two of us. We started the day with a french breakfast, exchanged small gifts,  then a BBQ at his parents’, had a stroll in hyde park, cycled around Chelsea on a Barclays bike (one of my favourite things to do) then cinema.

Paris bought me an Alexander McQueen leather bracelet which he engraved “one year J” in French and some pretty hand picked flowers (picked illegally!) I gave him a book I have been making him for the last year. I have been collecting dinner receipts, cinema tickets and anything else I could collect that would remind us of our love.  This is a great idea if you have a small budget or you you need a gift for someone that has everything and never needs anything. It’s very personal and romantic, I think so anyway.

Alexander McQueen skull leather bracelet

My present

french breakfast

romantic scrapbook


Fashionista fashion blogger black bra levi shorts

alexander mcqueen ring marc by marc jacobs watch mcqueen bracelet skulls

hyde park

summer cocktails

sunbathing peace vest

I am wearing: vintage Levi shorts, H and M bra, Miss Guided peace vest, Zara flip flop booties, Alexander McQueen skull ring and bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch and Carrera sunglasses.

So happy one year with my love and let the gorgeous weather continue.

Claire xx


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