Alice McCall Golden Years

by Claire Chanelle

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I am in Paris for SS16 fashion week. But here is a look I shot in London before I left and when I had blonder hair, which I really miss. Holding onto summer days.

I bought this outfit whilst I was in Cannes but didn’t end up wearing it, I only wore the top (which I will show you soon.) I have this technique where I buy dresses and outfits when I see something I love. This way when I need an outfit for a special occasion I don’t need to stress and spend money in a panic on something I don’t really like. We are all guilty for this right?

I am so pleased I bought this Alice McCall outfit because I was in a panic the few days before my birthday. I was looking in ZARA; absolutely nothing I like where as other days I could buy the entire shop. Same goes for all the online stores and the odd thing I like is too expensive or there is not enough shipping time. I suddenly remembered I had this outfit and the other white outfit I have already shown you here. So my tip of the week would be: buy dresses (or what ever you’re into) as and when you see them and then put them away. This prevents impulse, panic buys. If you are really into wearing what’s on trend maybe this technique won’t work for you because by the time you get to wear it that trend would have been and gone. For me I honestly don’t care about trends one little bit, I actually hates trends because you end up all looking the same. When off the shoulder tops came in trend this summer I was so upset because that my thing but this summer I tried to avoid them because everywhere I looked some girl was wearing one. Same goes for flares; I started wearing them again two years ago and last season they were “in”  and everyone was wearing them and actually they are already “out”. I couldn’t care less if flares are “out” I will still be wearing them!

Don’t quote me on “hating trends” because when there is a trend selling in every store it’s sometimes hard to avoid but as a whole I don’t give a sh*t who’s wearing stripes or we all need to be wearing purple this winter. Wear what suit’s you. Wear what you like.

Back to my look; as per usual I like to show you how to get the most out of your outfits so tomorrow I will be sharing this same look but more of a going out style. If I wear this again I would probably wear it with a white tee and these NIKES or maybe a black tee and my black Chanel sneakers. It’s a great casual look but also looks fab for the evening which you will see in my next post.

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