Casual Pool Side Glamour

by Claire Chanelle
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This shoot is the definition of pool side glamour! For so long I have wanted to shoot a gown in a swimming pool like this. I did not manage to execute this the exact way I envisioned I think a more flowely layered dress would of created a more dramatic look but still I love the way the photo’s turned out and this dress is one of my all time favourites. I bought this dress when Virgos Lounge first launched and I kept it in my wardrobe for a special occasion, a year on I still adore it. Every time I feature this dress I receive emails asking to buy it from me, some of you have offered me triple the amount I paid for it so to save you your time I am defiantly not selling this dress I am afraid. Hopefully Virgos Lounge will create a similar dress as baby blue is quite a hard colour to come across.  I think this dress would look super in mint, so girls at VL if you read this how about this dress in mint and we call it Chouquette? 🙂

I woke up at 8am to shoot this look because I did not want there to be people by the pool when I shot this….oh look some random girl in a full on ball gown IN THE POOL! Imagine if you was sitting by the pool and some girl starting posing in a dress in the actual pool, you would think I was a dick surely? The next day I woke up at 6am to ensure there was no one around, this is called blogger dedication! I was so hot and it did not feel natural swimming in a dress but it was fun and something different! The shoot proved how durable the dress was too, I rolled around in the sand, posed in the blazing sun and swam in a swimming pool, after all this turmoil it survived and still looks immaculate. I still stand by the Virgos Lounge brand for special occasion dresses and a year on they haven’t increased their prices like some of the brands that started out at the same time, have you noticed this? I am also a fan of the knitted jumpers, and gutted I did not buy the bright yellow knit before it sold out.

Tag me on Instagram when ever you wear your VL dresses, I enjoy seeing how other girls wear them.

Virgos lounge Dress Similar Here

 CC xx

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The Provoker January 26, 2014 - 5:47 pm

As gorgeous as an ad! What a stunning beaded top!


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