CHANEL BOY BAG!!!!!!! Lilac me likey

by Claire Chanelle
Chanel Boy Bag

I have never met any girl that doesn’t LOVE Chanel. I have also never met anyone that LOVES LOVES LOVES Chanel as much as me. My mum didn’t bless with the name as my middle name for nothing; well done mum! If you are one of these girls please share your stories and passion with me. I always have time to share Chanel stories.

If there was no such thing as Chanel my savings account would be healthier. My dream was to always have a classic black flap 2.55. I finally bought one three years ago. I remember I had saved and saved and even sold my beloved vintage Chanel ruck sake to my friend Ruby to scrape enough money together. THEN I finally arrived to buy the bag and the price had gone up the day before….BOOOOOOO! So a month later I finally got one and adore it still to this day. Moral of the story; if you dream of having one just do it!! All that will happen is the price will go up and up and you would of wished you bought it ages ago. Unless you are Petra Ecclestone (bloody love her and T) a Chanel is always just too much to afford. My advice is just go for it! Because you would of saved so hard you will love it even more. You will cherish it for years to come. And if your one of those sensible people with money (I envy these people) then look at it this way; 1. You can sell it this time next year and make a profit as the price always goes up. 2. You can throw a Chanel on with any outfit and it makes it. I will continue this post later on, other wise I will just ramble on and on about Chanel.

So where was I? Oh yes the Lilac BOY BAG! I promised myself, my bank manger, my mum, Paris and all my friends that the last Chanel I bought would be the last one. Em well yes I know I’ve said that the last three times but this really is the last one! When you scroll down to the photos you will understand why I had to have it.

chanel boy bag lilac

Metallic Lilac Chanel Boy Bag - size large. <3

buying chanel bags

How cute is the bubba one next to mine?!

chanel shopping

Chanel Shopping!! Chanel Shopping!! Bunny jumper - Nasty Gal.

new chanel boy bag

Chanelle xx

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joy bodna April 7, 2013 - 9:55 pm

Hi dear. Can you get this bag for me? I can not find it anywhere. Joy

Chouquette May 28, 2013 - 10:01 pm

Please contact x


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