Chanel Perfume Bottle Bag – The Ultimate Collectors Piece

by Claire Chanelle

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O M G it is the ultimate Chanel bag!! I will never forget when I saw this on the Chanel runway last year I thought this was the most amazing bag on the planet and no matter what the price I had to have one or at least hold one in my hand. As you know at Chelsea Styling we specialise in sourcing rare items and we had so many requests for this bag. We managed to get hold of two black and one transparent all three were sold before I even had a chance to upload any photos on social media, this blog or the website however I will still share the photos with you because it is so amazing. Please no emails asking if it is for sale as all three are sold. I do know a reseller in London which has this exact bag in stock so please comment on this post if you would like their details.

So what did I think of this bag:

This bag retailed at £5800 and is made from perspex and glass. The mirror on the front is a perfect clear mirror to touch up your make up and my favourite feature. The clasp opens by pushing the bottle top down and inside there is enough room for two iPhones, lipstick and keys. It could even fit a small purse or card holder inside. Later on in the week I will upload another post with a video, measurements and show you what can fit inside the bag.

I am Chanel obsessed so of course this bag for me is the ultimate bag and it is extremely rare and a Chanel collector piece. When I found out the price I was a bit surprised, of course it was not going to be cheap and I knew it would be more then £2500 but when I was told it was £5800 I thought this was a bit extreme but then again it makes it even more special and desirable. I had to see it in real life before I made up my mind if it was worth it or not. The day I got the call was so bloody stressful as they gave me half an hour to get to the store and get 6k together, I had a work meeting arranged and had to cancel that and go straight to Chanel, this is why I have to live in Chelsea because I have access to get to all the boutiques within ten minutes when a rare piece comes in stock.  When I finally held it, it was everything I hoped and expected, it didn’t feel cheap, it was not too heavy and not too light and basically pure amazingness. The bag came out in the dust bag and no one was allowed to see me look at it because of the commotion it would cause.

I am looking to get an Hermes bag soon (because I do not have one yet) so I asked myself if the perfect Hermes bag was available to me tomorrow which bag would I choose a Kelly for instance which is the exact same price (32 togo leather) which one would I choose. Everything would tell me to get this Chanel bag because although Kelly is rare I can still get one as it is classic where as the perfume clutch really is going to be super rare and limited.  On the other hand the Kelly bag is leather and I could wear it day or night and it is more usable. Being a Chanel fanatic I would chose the Chanel every time however there is one major factor that really concerns me and that is the bottle is made from perspex which means one drop and the bag could smash or chip. Just imagine smashing this bag or dropping it??!!!! And where could you wear this? I told myself it was not worth 6k, where would I wear it, I could smash it or chip it and limited to where I could wear it. With that said I would totally choose this perfume bag, the reason being is my love for Chanel is too strong to say no and it is the ultimate collectors piece. Yes it could smash and yes it is limited as to where I can use it but when I do use it, it will turn heads and make me feel great not to mention the fact it is great for my collection. I am also someone who attends fashion shows and events so for me the odd time I wear the bag it really would be worth it. The sad news is I could not keep one for myself, I had gone to so much trouble to get them it was horrible selling them all but my clients come first and if I kept everything my clients ordered I would have no business and probably a huge debt therefore I was extremely proud of myself. I also bought the Balmain jacket the same week so I could hardly feel sorry for myself.

Let me also add that dropping 6k on a bag is not something I can easily afford if I had bought this bag it would have meant no spending for a few months, no Hermes bag for the next year at least and it would be a one off. Hopefully in a couple of years time Chanel will create a similar piece and I will be in position to keep one for myself. For now I am happy I accommodated my clients and I got to hold one. It would be beyond amazing if Chanel made the same bag but in leather, like a quilted calf skin (so it was structured) leather bottle, this would solve the problem of the bag chipping or smashing and would make the bag more wearable.

I wanted to point out my ankle boots too, these were the second pair of Christian Louboutin shoes I bought and I have worn them to death as they match everything and so classic. Chic & Seek have the same pair here, used but in very good condition and they are grey suede which is just what I am looking for but unfortunately they are not my size. I often get asked about my boots but Louboutin do not sell them anymore so grab your chance to get a pair and for a good price.

So your turn what do you think of this bag? Would you buy it? And finally what do you think of the Balmain now you have seen me wear it?

Next week I will be sharing with you my shopping trip at the Christian Louboutin sample sale and why this post encouraged me to buy so many pairs of shoes! For those of you that  asked for an outfit post from what I wore at the Dior event, this is not the exact same outfit but it is very similar minus the hat, a different tee and I wore my new Loubs I got from the sample sale that are the same as these but with silver buckles.

Balmain Leather Jacket

Zara Tshirt

Zara Jeans

Christian Louboutin Boots Similar Here

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel Bottle Clutch

CC xx

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Irena D December 9, 2013 - 10:45 am

Amazing !! i love the bag

Georgina L December 9, 2013 - 11:14 am

The bag is fabulous and looks great on you. What are the resellers details please?

The Provoker December 9, 2013 - 2:33 pm

I totally agree on getting the chanel perfume bottle, what a coincidence that I also mentioned about this bag in my newest post lol. It’s so cool and I knew it was going to be same priced as a lego clutch cause it’s one of those limited addition perspex clutches that even though probably doesn’t cost more than 600 pounds to make, would retail for up to 6K, but then again, that does add to the chanel magic!!! I wanted this so much but I’ve spent way too much already on some stuff that I just can’t afford to fork out that amount of cash. Sighhhh, want it ssoooooo badly too! <3 <3

xx The Provoker


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