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Happy CHANEL Tuesday! So there is no such thing as CHANEL Tuesday as for me it is a CHANEL day every day even if I don’t buy anything. I think it is safe to declare I am a totally devoted to CHANEL and this was my destiny since I was born as my middle name is Chanelle. My mum wanted to call me Paris Chanelle but my dad did not allow it so she asked for Chanelle as my first name and he still did not allow it MASSIVE BOOOOOOOO to my dad!! The Claire still represents CC so it’s not so bad.

Please know I have been waiting for these sneakers since the show case in February, for me I can not just drop £705 on a pair of sneakers when I want. Every spare penny I own I put towards CHANEL. I would like to know if there is anyone else out there devoted to CHANEL as much as me, if there is then obviously we will be best friends.

So these sneakers are from the Shopping Centre collection, they came in different colour (see below) and priced at £705. I had my name down for these sneakers but no one in the UK received them so I had my ordered and transferred. Thanks to Harrods Chanel staff who hunted them down for me. These pink and silver ones are actually called “Orange and Silver” which explains why I was having so much trouble sourcing them. One of the girls at Harrods worked this out and we finally hunted them down 🙂

Everyone has been saying this trainer come big I have even heard some stores say they run small. I have a few pairs of Chanel shoes and sneakers and I think they run true to size maybe slightly big. I am always a 38.5 in everything including the ballet pumps but in boots and trainers I usually take a 39. For this style I bought 38.5 and they are perfect.

I am obsessed with them and they will go with so much of what I wear Chanel and non Chanel. What do  you think? My second favourite are the ones below in the first photo, then the black and white tweed and I love the red ones Nathan bought.

Image 3

Image 4

Image 1

Image 2

Image 5

CC xx



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Adele September 24, 2014 - 8:41 am

These trainers are FABULOUS!!! Chanel is definitely my favourite fashion House. Do they come with the padlocks or have you layered them over to style? I have some of their jewellery & a 2.55 Jumbo Double Flap, hoping to get a Boy Bag soon!
Hugs xoxo


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