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chouquette fashion blog

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laurence decade boots

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balmain jeans

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electric blue valentino bag

the tshirt swag

chouquette fashion blog

I have called this post CHOUQUETTE because this is a total outfit that is so me from the brands I am wearing to the low heeled boots to the scruffy hair! The only brand missing I love is Chanel but my Karl Lagerfeld Tshirt kinda of counts, no?

I have lusted over these Laurence Decade boots for what seems like forever, all those times you have seen me in Joseph it is mainly because I am trying  on these boots for the hundredth time! They are really hard to locate because hardly anywhere stocks them but the main reason was because they are so pricey at £860 and never go on sale. I actually love the fact they never go on sale because there is nothing worse then buying something that goes on sale (like my bloody Balmain leather jacket.) These were my main present off of Paris and I am sooooooooo happy with them, they are totes worth every penny because they are easy to walk in so perfect for the day but they are still amazing enough for the evening. They also look so good with the buckles open like I have worn them today and they look so good with literally everything. I swear these are my favourite shoes EVER if I had to burn all my shoes (what a terrifying thought) and had to keep one pair I would defiantly keep these. I loved them so much I bought another pair in the sale in burgundy. You will notice I am going to start wearing a lot of burgundy and this is because I want to start experimenting with more colours but mainly because I have my eye on something burgundy that is a huge purchase and I think I want it in burgundy! Laurence is one of my favourite designers who founded her brand in 2003, she worked at Givenchy (one of my faves) for five years and then Chanel (my ultimate fave.) so of course I was going to love her!

My next amazing find was these jeans OMG they look so Balmain don’t they? I have wanted Blamain jeans for a long time but I am not ready for the £865 price tag. I will not say I will never pay that because I also said I would never pay £3k for a jacket and I did. I found these in Sandro and they are just what I have been looking for, the fit is good and the colour is really nice. I can not wait for more colours to come out and and a third of the Balmain price I was super happy with them.

You all know I love my logo tees so when The Tshirt Swag sent me this Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette tee I loved it! I love nothing better to wear jeans a baggy Tshirt, specially when it has some fashion/tongue in cheek slogan. I know there are so many slogan tee sites on line but I really recommend The Tshirt Swag mainly because of the fit and quality; the fabric is so soft and the shape is really good. I really love the red “Partier“jumper and really looking forward to their future collections. The company is only a few months old and I predict great things for them 🙂

My Blamain jacket was a sale purchase and my first ever bargain! I had to buy a 36 when usually I am 38 but because I have been ill I have lost a few lbs so it fits ok so basically when I start eating again it wont fit! The drama buying this jacket let me tell you; so I saw it on line Christmas day in size 36, 38 and 42, because I was ill Ia did not visit Harrods until 4pm. Just as I arrived the 38 was being purchased (I thought my life had ended) so I saw a man in the back room holding another one, I asked to see it and he said “its not in the sale” I said “Yes it is is £699” in a possessed kind of manner, he was clearly hiding it in the back! It was size 42 so I put it back and went and ate a huge ice cream in the Harrods parlour! An hour later I thought I don’t care I want it and a 42 will have to work, I go back and 42 is gone! I then see the jacket in the back and it was on hold. So there I am causing a scene that sale items are not allowed to be on hold (I used to work at Harrods so I know the rules) mean while Paris is totally cringing and telling me off under his breather; something about shopping problem and haven’t I got enough blah blah anyway I got the jacket using £350 rewards points and I also had a ten per cent day booked.

The necklace is by Leivankash, designed by Leila Kash who is London based jeweller. I first discovered her brand last year when my friend Craig told me about some girl who makes rose rings, has scruffy blonde hair, wear similar outfits and makes amazing rise rings. It was love at first sight; her collection is so refreshing and unique and I love every single piece. My favourite pieces are the gold feather palm cuff and Olivia rose ring (I want it in every colour) I am also smitten with the rose gold unicorn necklace! Leivankash is stocked in various places but I mainly shop her collection at Harvey Nichols, Joseph and De  & Me. Click here to view her amazing collection and I recommend her instagram for daily inspo.

Last but not least my new Valentino Va Va Voom bag, now you can see it on me it might look less scary and bright!

Blamain Jacket

The Tshirt Swag Tee 

Sandro Jeans

Laurence Decade Boots  



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