Dallas rS The Con 2016. Was it Worth it?

by Claire Chanelle


After the conference talk and lunch with Rodial Skin care we had time to get change and cross the road the “Dallas Eye” garden where there was a party hosted by “Joe Fresh.” I kept my look causal with bf jeans, an off the shoulder frilly top and my new pom pom shoes. You may remember this top from the Maldives (here) because I have it in so many colours. I wrapped my CHANEL belt around my neck as a choker, which was something I have never done before. It looked good but I couldn’t swallow very well. I had so many compliments for this top and the shoes, even Ambers mum (who was my new idol in life) came over and asked me where it was from. The funniest thing was I kept looking at Ambers mum and thinking she looked nice and looked so hot for an older mum. When I saw her walking over I was like “oh no, she’s knows I’m talking about her and she might be annoyed.” Turns out we were both just checking each other out and she was more confident then I was to walk over. I spent most of the party with my new idol and had the best snapchat video of us, Amber and Birdie but I didn’t save it… boo.

At this party I was still over excited and struggling to take everything in. I was so happy to be there but the excitement was still on over ride at this point. I feel like next year I will be more prepared and know what to expect; so I can not wait for next year.

I received lots of questions from other bloggers asking me what the conference is, was it worth it and how do you attend. I hope this article has helps you understand more how it all works.

The conference is really full on, there is so much to take it but I wouldn’t have wanted it another way. There is one event after another, meetings, talks and most importantly there are so many opportunities to network with industry people; brands and bloggers. I did not want to attend just to say I have been to the conference, I truly wanted to learn more about my industry. Know what you want to gain from the conference before you go.

Was it worth the excitement? Was it worth it?

In the lesson’s some subjects I already knew about and was already doing but it was just as helpful because it showed that what I was doing was right. At the end of the day I am my own little business and when you are a blogger it starts off just you and there is no guide book to blogging. If there is one out there then it would have to be updated once a month because the industry changes a lot. The blogging industry and social media is evolving constantly and we all have to be one step ahead. In other lesson’s I leant new social media tricks and generally how to improve as a brand. I defiantly learnt some great tips and tricks. I feel like the company is so forward thinking and they are totally one step ahead.

The final party was one of the best parties I have been to. You will see how much fun we have when I upload the YouTube video next week.

Being there gave me a confidence boost and that was something I really needed. All the bloggers I know work so hard, we work hard to maintain this as job and sometimes we (I) need some guidance and a push to say “you are doing well, carry on.” I get this feedback from Olivia and Anna (two of the girls at rS) and they are who I turn to when I need guidance. This is why I love rS, it’s a close network and they pioneer our industry. You have to work hard and support the company to be part of this network but once you are in you get back so much.

I am also someone who likes to be inspired and it does not get more inspiring than Amber Venz Box. I came away feeling so inspired, raring to get back to work and felt really clear about where I was heading and what my focus is. I am not sure I would be as focused if it was’t for rS, so you can see why it was so amazing for me to attend the conference. This all complied together made is so worth it for me, I came away with more than I hoped for and feel like it isn’t a one time thing. Each year the conference gets bigger and better and each year there is new information to divulge.

How do you attend?

Obviously you have to be an online influencer, have a blog and have some form of platform. You can be nominated by another blogger to become a member or you can apply and then the consultants review your profile. Most bloggers that asked me questions were already signed up and wanted to ask how to get the invite. They are different levels of invites but as far as I am aware this information is for each influencer and not something to share with thousands of readers but there are different levels of invites based on performances, speakers etc.

I am not a super successful blogger or a pro rS attender, I have literally just been once and know as much as anyone else that attended but I can share with you how I got invited. It was pretty simple for me. Once I decided I wanted/needed to attend the conference I made it my goal and my main focus. I knew the invite was based on performance and again I know exactly how it works (but some things I should probably not blurt out) and you have to constantly be improving and growing. I dedicated my stratergy to help push my performance and did this with the help of the rS team. The simple answer it to work really hard, put your body and soul into your work. Alongside this you need to be working side by side with your consultant to ensure you hard work is not being wasted. They will guide you and help you. Some of you may well be working your hardest but are you working at the right thing? You also can not start working hard a month before, you need to work hard and push all year round.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to any non bloggers reading this. I hope if helped all the bloggers who contacted me.

In my next post I will discuss what I packed and what you need to pack if you are attending the conference next year, this was a crucial thing that I learnt.





Emma is wearing; dress here, shoes here, jacket here.








Featuring Emma Hill.

Cc xx

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