Excuse Me Mam!

by Claire Chanelle

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I spent my first day in Paris relaxing, eating and walking around; calm before the storm. The only fashion thing I did on my first day was stop by the Chloe show to shoot some street style photography. I am a huge fan of street style and this is not something I often do. I realised that it is not my thing to photograph street style at all! I enjoy more to watch everyone than run after people taking a photo, it felt a bit weird. Also please do not under estimate the skills needed to capture a good street style shot. All the images are taken of moving people these are not “pretend walking shots” it is so hard to capture a sharp image. Conclusion I love it but it’s not for me, I will leave it up to the professionals.

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As I was taking this photo of Miroslava Duma one of my favourite, actually, my total favourite street style photographer Adam Katz Sinding asked me to move out of his way because I was blocking his shot. Usually I would not move because I got there first and it’s not my problem if he can’t see! However in this case I decided to move for a few reasons:

1. He’s a great photographer, I follow his work so I could not bare to be rude to him.

2. He asked me very politely to move and called me mam “mam excuse me, mam, mam, mam excuse me” In an American accent!

3. I am one of the worst photographers that ever lived and Adam is one of the greatest so clearly his shot of Miroslava would be amazing and mine would be crap.

miroslava duma street style adam katz sinding

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Claire xx

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Shopaholic In London November 15, 2013 - 8:51 am

I love your outfit especially the trousers and the shoes but the Manolos are very unhappy there because the are partially covered. 😉


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