Heirloom Wonders

by Claire Chanelle

Chanel Discount Code

I think my blog is starting to establish how much I adore Chanel, it is my middle name after all. As much as I love everything when I step into a Chanel boutique I will always adore vintage that little bit more due to how unique the pieces are, the quality is also different, much higher standard.

I have been shopping for vintage Chanel for years, for as long as I can remember so I would like to think I know a fair amount in this area of retail. I now shop a lot for one off Chanel items for my clients at Chelsea Styling so it is vital I have some reliable sources who can provide me with good quality, unique and above all authentic pieces. I can not recommend  Vintage Heirloom enough for all your vintage pieces, the company also offers other brands such as Christian Dior, Versace and many more, just  take a look for yourself. Winnie the founder of the company is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to vintage products and is an expert when it comes to Chanel. The passion of the team is something I love about Vintage Heirloom which is why Chelsea Styling is honoured to be collaborating with them. The company are responsible for sourcing all the vintage products at prestigious stores such as Harvey Nichols, Farfetch and many more so clearly they are doing great things in the industry. Finally I am proud to say they are British 🙂

If you follow my Instagram account @iamchouquette you would have noticed that I was sent two exquisite Chanel pieces personally for me and my love for hearts. I have also been searching for a 2.55 Chanel bag necklace since I saw one in Paris two years ago and again in LA last year. This one is even more unique as I have not come across one so small which also makes it more wearable. These pieces will be very special to me and thank you  girls (you know who you are) for my fabulous new additions.

Now for the important part! Vintage Heirloom are kindly offering followers of Chouquette a 10% discount code off all their items. Please ensure you are followers of both @iamchouquette and @vintageheirloom on Instagram and then follow these simple steps:

1. First log into your Vintage Heirloom account (or create one)
2. Add the item to your basket
3. Click ‘Shopping Cart’ at the top of the page
4. Click‘Use coupon code’
6. Click ‘Apply Coupon’
7. Click the ‘Check out’ button… continue to pay as normal…

I would love you to let me know if anyone purchases any items from the website by tagging me on Instagram or commenting on here. Happy Shopping!

Vintage Heirloom Discount code

vintage heirloom

There are a few pieces in stock right now that I love and would recommend:

vintage heirloom

2.55 chanel bag necklace

vintage versace bag

london street style

black 2.55 chanel bag gold hard wear

2.55 chanel bag

pearl skirt

orange mirror ray bans

black and white toga and pulla boots

vintage chanel necklace

black and white ankle boots

chanel heart necklace

vintage chanel heart necklace

london fashion blogger

chouquette fashion blog

givenchy antigona purse

What do you think of these Chanel sunglasses, honest opinion? I was very close to buying a pair and although they are a great collectors item I still could not justify spending £415 on sunglasses with a huge Coco hanging above one of the lenses! Great for fashion week and to display in my house but too expensive to spend on something I will not wear everyday. I am sure my client who I sourced them for is enjoying them though!

coco chanel sunglasses

Zara tee, Zara skirt,

Toga and Pulla boots,

Vinatge Heirloom necklace,

Rayban sunglasses,

Chanel bag.

Claire xx

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1 comment

michelle September 20, 2013 - 1:20 pm

hi, i’m scouring the internet for a 2.55 mini (i know, isn’t everyone!) but only have found one good one in my buget which is £800. unfortunately i lost out on that but i know they’re out there so i’m not giving up!!! any advice?
thanks, m


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