Introducing Miss J

by Claire Chanelle
Chanel j12 black watch

No introduction needed.

For years and years and years I have lusted for a Chanel J12 watch. When I was younger I wanted the white one and then I went onto the black ceramic. Each year, well a few times a year the price would increase and I would regret not buying it before. This is why I encourage you to buy that Chanel bag!! Another mistake I made was buying one that looked similar. I bought a black ceramic Marc by Marc Jacobs watch last year. I love it but it’s never going to be Chanel is it? Remember buy cheap, buy twice. So I took the plunge and did it! I located the size and colour I wanted and there was one left in Harrods. I only buy from Harrods as I collect the points. Now I am black card holder I get triple points blah  blah blah…… maybe ill talk about Harrods rewards another time.  I didn’t have enough money so I literally begged everyday for the them to hold it for me. I also had a 10% day coming up for an award I won at Harrods (Harrods award of excellence.)

So last Thursday 3rd of May was the day. When I arrived it turned out the last one was an automatic. The automatics are more expensive, if I had the choice I would of opted for the battery watch, as its cheaper! However now I have the auto i’m very happy with it. Luckily I can redeem my Harrods points at Harrods anytime. This really did save the day.

Paris was taking photos through out the purchase so I could share the moment with you guys!

Entering the zone!!

Re sizing.

buying Chanel j12 black watch


I couldn’t resist trying on some Chanel fine jewellery whilst I was there. I LOVE black diamonds, how amazing is this ring?!

Chanel ring black diamonds engagement ring cocktail ring

Chanel bow ring, with black diamonds. <3 <3 <3

Chanel flower diamond ring

Rose flower diamond Chanel ring.

I celebrated at the Godiva chocolate bar!

Im wearing:, Black Topshop leather jacket, Grey Victoria Secret tee, Unicorn Topshop denim, Isabelle Marant black sneakers, Red H and M beanie.

Chanelle xx

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lorna May 11, 2012 - 7:07 pm

Soooooooooooo want that watch, and I agree. Buy cheap, buy twice. Just keep reminder all us followers of that fact.

Lucy May 22, 2012 - 2:27 pm

I never really think to use my Harrod’s reward card….but now I want to get triple points too! A post on how it all works would be really useful please. x


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