iPhone DIY spike case

by Claire Chanelle
phone case DIY spikes

DIY spike phone case

To feed my spike addiction I decided to dress my phone in spikes.

I have seen a few websites that sell spiky phone cases. But why not make one myself, it’s easy peasy.

I had two ideas I wanted to try out.

1. Using the jelly type case and poke through the studs I have that screw through fabrics. These are the ones I used for my leather jacket (that I still can’t find.) Because I bash and drop my phone all the time I thought this was be more durable.

2. To buy a plastic phone case and glue the studs on. This is how I made the comb. This way is 100% quicker and easier. Piercing the holes can be time consuming as you must be careful not to rip the jelly and the pierced hole must be in the correct position.

You will need:

* Phone case. Jelly one for screw spikes or plastic one if you want to glue spikes.

* A thick needle to pierce the jelly or super glue to stick the pikes.

*Spikes of course.

This was so easy and I love it sooooo much. It’s quite heavy but this could actually be a weapon in disguise in your handbag.

Step 1:

DIY spike phone case

Pierce with a pin and screw in spike. Simple.

Step 2:

Make sure they are evenly separated.


Spike iphone case

Should look like this on the reverse side. Takes ages!

black and gold spike iPhone case. DIY

Here's one I made earlier.

iPhone case studs. make your own phone case.

I told you it was like a weapon.


Claire xx

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