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I was so excited about this look I instagramed a sneak peek the other day. I am excited because I can fit back into my fave Levi denim shorts and because this is the best top ever right? Ok so they used to be my baggy comfy shorts and now they are pretty tight BUT the point here is they do up where as last summer I couldn’t get them fastened. I still have a few pounds to loose and had a set back this week (i’m blaming the jet lag) eating lot’s of fries but I lost some weight for Vegas, maybe some of you noticed? I lost the weight in a healthy way over five weeks. I will write a post sharing how I lost weight and show you some scary before and after bikini shots. It’s not a rapid loss but that’s because I am not starving myself, I am not taking any slimming pills like Raspberry Keaton and I am also exercising so I am gaining muscle. For now lets get back tot he outfit details…..

The is another Lisa Maree piece, I told you this brand was good didn’t I! I love love love this top, it looks amazing with high waisted shorts/trousers or you could wear over a bikini. I can’t wait to buy this top when it’s out (this was a sample) in September. I hope they release it in black too, how nice would black look. I am going to show you soon how this top can be worn for an everyday day look in the city and show you its not just a holiday look.

For now I have listed some links to buy Levi shorts, every girl needs a pair of Levi shorts. They are all you need for summer.

Did anyone see the balcony photos Beyonce uploaded on instagram? She wearing a white outfit and the balcony looks exactly the same as mine so I guess she stayed in the same one as me, but I was there the week before. Don’t forget I will be writing a vegas guide soon on the blog.

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