London Is Freezing

by Claire Chanelle

uk fashion blogger

I was running around Oxford St just before Christmas to get all my last minute gifts and I fell in love with this Topshop coat. I hate Oxford St it is far too crowed specially at Christams time. As I rushed passed Topshop I saw the most amazing coat. I had to have one but they only had big sizes. I then searched everywhere for one until I found it. I only normally buy one coat a year, because it is not like it is cold all year round in the UK and by the time I need to wear it again I am bored of it. I bought my black and leopard print coat this year so I really did not need another one. BUT it reminded me of Acne and looked so warm. It is so warm and cosy, I love it.

I noticed I keep on wearing the same bag these days, my Céline Phantom. It is just so big and practical and goes with what ever I am wearing. When I bought it, it was not the ideal one I wanted. I mainly bought it because it was the only one I could get hold of. However I wear it 100 times more then my other three Céline’s. I promise I will wear anothwr bag in the next post! I got a bag for Christmas as well as buying myself a new Céline last week. I just can not wear them right now because the rain will ruin them.

sheep skin coat

topshop coat

claire bedford fashion blogger

winter look

As you can see I buckled to the ox blood trend! It was everywhere and I started to like it. I know I will get board of this colour so I bought my leggings from Primark. They are faux leather but they look real and are very thick. Such a good buy.

Can anyone guess what I got for Christmas?? I have uploaded a few present’s on Instagram, but I will save the rest for later.


I am wearing – Topshop coat, Givenchy tee AGAIN, Primark leggings,

Christian Louboutin biker boots (Yes Louboutin and Primark in the same sentence

and outfit!) with my Céline Phantom.

Claire xx

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