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This is the shorter style of the dress I wore here in black, which do you prefer? I bought both because I thought they were different in so many ways; different colour and the length makes such a difference and so does the backless feature. I love them both; the shorter one is probably easier to wear but I have a soft spot for the longer one and the long sheer lace. This was also purchased from Spotted On A Celeb.

I wanted to talk to you about sizing of these dresses and this brand in general so you know which size to order. I am UK 8/10 depending on the brand and I also do not like things tight. These dresses run short, the colour part of the dress is really short so even thought the sheer nude fabric is longer it’s still transparent! I ordered a small the first time round and it fit me fine but I felt slightly conscious how short it was and felt a bit uncomfortable with the tightness. When I say short it was totally wearable it was a personal preference and I am slightly curvy so that makes it slightly shorter on me. The small was fine but my age demon kicks in and I tell myself I am too old to be wearing short dresses and if I want to wear this to a wedding or for dinner I would prefer it longer. I exchanged it for a medium, by the way there was no fuss with Spotted On A Celeb and they sent me a new one immediately. The small held me together better as there is not much support, you can’t cheat and wear a waist trainer because it’s too transparent in places. Don’t ever feel bad about wearing the next size up because some brands run small and some girls who are taller or have bigger boobs we need the bigger sizes, it doesn’t mean you are fat. After all what would you prefer; look good in a size that fits you or squeeze into the size down because you refuse to wear a bigger size? To conclude if you are below 5’5 and a size 8-10 the small will be perfect. If you are slightly taller or have bigger boobs maybe go for the medium for a little extra room, there really isn’t too much in the size difference.

One factor that nearly made me not wear this dress was my boobs, my boobs always get in the way and I would love to  have small boobs. I tried a low back strapless onsie underwear piece from M&S but it wasn’t low enough and showed at the back. I wore those stuck on bra cups that clip at the front. I hate these bras because my boobs are so heavy they don’t hold too well but with that said they do work and they do give more support than wearing nothing. I also recommend these for smaller bust sizes because they give a round effect to your bust shape and also stop any nipples from showing. I have linked some below to buy, I was in a rush so I had to buy Primark (£5) but these are a lot better because they are seamless and stay on better.

Now for knickers. M&S is my favourite place to shop for underwear, the quality is the best, they have the best practical pieces and it’s actually so pretty and reasonably priced. For girls that love super sexy knickers please look away now because this may offend you. The best knickers in the world are these bikini onesmy fiancé doesn’t call  my granny face for no reason haha. I bought these knickers to wear under a tight dress one day, I thought they were ugly and hated them OMG I now love them and wear them everyday. They are so comforable you won’t be able to wear other knickers after these and they are perfect under tight dresses because they are “no VPL”. I am wearing the nude ones with this dress and they are perfect because I definalty didnt want to wear a thong under this short dress but any other knicker would be visible. I can not recommend them enough seriously you all need a pack and you won’t look back.

I wore my Saint Laurent Tributes, they are my go to shoe because they go with everything and they are so comfortable. When I say heels are comfy trust me because I have damaged nerves in my right foot so heels are so painful for me. If you are going to invest in a pair of designer shoes these are the ones.

I hope this has helped, if you need to ask me more questions about the sizing please comment below. Please do not email me 🙂







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