Series 6: Amanda Barden Couture Robe

by Claire Chanelle








I am so excited to start sharing my wedding photos with you all and I am even more excited to show you some of the unique finds that I wore on my wedding day.

My wedding was such an emotional day, I can’t put into words how it feels, even to this day I feel like crying just looking back at the photos. I am going to be sharing my advice and what I learnt in every wedding post but the best advice I can give you is to enjoy every minute of it. Do not let the planning stress you out because once it’s over it’s all gone. I can not even watch “Say Yes To The Dress” now because I have no wedding to plan. Enjoy the day and take it all in because it flies by. Focus on you and your hubby to be because it’s all about you two. Lastly invest in a fantastic photographer. For me personally I love photography and after all I am a blogger so imagine if I wasn’t happy with the photos!

We spent weeks and weeks researching photographers and I could not be happier with Jacques. Your photos are for life and all you have to look back on. You need to look your best and have the best lighting, I can not stress how important the photograph is. We flew Jacques from Paris and he worked so hard. We had a nightmare morning which I will share with you soon. Thank god I had Jacques because he had no time at all to take the before photos. You can visit Magic Flight Studio here. You can see our engagement shoot in Paris here.

This article is all about the robe I wore getting ready at the Chateaux. I had a separate robe which I wore driving to the venue, thank god because my main robe would have been ruined if I had worn it in the car. My next article I will explain the horrors I had in the morning and I will show you my other robe.

Like every bride I wanted to look the best I could look, which totally didn’t happen because my make up had to be rushed due to the “eventful” morning and I had been crying, not tears or joy; they were tears of stress and worry. But anyway the plan was to research every little detail. The robe was important to me because I wanted the getting ready photos and experience to feel special and I knew I could take the robe on my honeymoon.

I really struggled to find anything close to what I imagined in my head. I was prepared to pay a lot after realising I couldn’t find what I wanted, but still nothing.

One day I came across the most stunning robe on Instagram. Of course the image was untagged and it was my mission to hunt it down. I put my CHELSEA STYLING skills to the test and the hunt begun.

The day I found the website was a great day, the brand is called AMANDA BARDEN. I was bracing myself for the price because it looked expensive. I was totally shocked when I saw the robe cost $295 AUS dollars, that is £140. I felt like it was meant to be. To make it more of a dream the designer Amanda was so sweet and helpful, she replied to all my enquires and gave me a perfect service. I can not fault this brand, the prices are reasonable, the product is unique, the robe was even better in real life and the service was amazing. Amanda wanted to provide brides with a unique robe that wasn’t like anything else on the market. I feel like Amanda has managed to do just that and created exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Amanda for having such an impact on my special day, I am so happy I found you and think all brides need this robe on their wedding day.

Of course the brand was based in Australia, everything I loved for the wedding was from Australia. Thank god I found the robe in time because the robes are made for you and your size and then you have to get them shipped from Australia.

This robe was one of the best things about my wedding, I really did feel like I was wearing a couture robe and it made me feel so special on the day. It is so romantic and sexy but yet sophisticated. The robe is called “Mascato” and you can buy it here. Be sure to follow their instagram too here.

My head piece was by Bo & Luca, it was the first ever item I bought for me wedding; I bought it straight after I got engaged before I even had a dress! I knew I wanted a 1920s theme, infused with pearls and a bohemian vibe. I am too “glamour” to be a boho bride and the Great Gatsby meant the 1920s theme had been over done. This head pieces gave me that 1920s and boho element and I am so in love with it. When I published my evening dress look I will talk more about the head piece and show you close up images.

I wore a white lace Boux Avenue chemise under my robe. I loved this robe because the lace cups gave me support and I didn’t have to wear a bra which would have left marks on my skin. The chemise was great value and much nicer than the Victoria Secret ones. You can buy my Chemise here. I bought all my wedding underwear from Boux Avenue, which I will share with you soon.

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CC xx

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