Show Some Shoulder

by Claire Chanelle

black and white stripped jeans

Who saw my Instagram video making fun of myself and fashion bloggers? I was not meant to take any photos this day but I saw the very British phone box and thought it would make a good background. Anyone who is a blogger, thinking of starting to blog or is just a little bit vain then you can relate to the video. Blogging is a lifestyle as you always will think about taking a photo and documenting everything, which is annoying for your friends, family and boyfriend. When you read a post there is so much work behind it, I really do not know how I fit it all in.

I wore these Christian Louboutin Roller Boy loafers at Paris fashion week last year and have not worn them since as they are a killer. Did you see my second video, me walking with my heels out of my shoes? This is the reason why I refuse to buy shoes that hurt me and starting to think the only shoe out there right for me are Valentino Rockstuds.

I wanted to bring attention to how often I wear T-shirts off the shoulder, it is kind of my thing. It all began around my uni time when I had very skinny legs and arms but a pop belly! My trick was to wear very tight jeans or leggins with a baggy T-shirt which I used to wear off the shoulder. I wore the shirt off the shoulder to make the look a bit less casual/boyish and more sexy, the main reason was it hid my pop belly and showed off my skinny bits. So from a far I was like a skinny girl all over but actually it was an illusion. Now the off the shoulder thing has stuck with me and although my trick no longer works because I no longer have the legs I possessed at uni, it still makes me feel more feminine when wearing a boyish look.

Some advice I have for everyday wear is to invest in good quality T-shirts, not only do they look better on they also last years as opposed to a few washes. I recommend James Perse, Vince, Helmut Lang, Acne and for high street Victoria Secret or the more expensive range at Zara.

zara outfit

christian  louboutin roller boy spike loathers

versace belt

christian louboutin loathers

striped pants

givenchy purse

black antigona

christian louboutin spike shoes

Zara tee,

Zara trousers,

Versace belt,

Christian Louboutin Roller Girl loathers,

Givenchy Antigona bag.

Claire x

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Damien August 26, 2015 - 1:56 pm

Lovely loafers!


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