Spreading the Love for Vintage Replicas

by Claire Chanelle

If you love vintage clothes you will like this post! If like me you search high and low for a fabulous piece but you hate the smelly vintage stores, damaged garments and most of all the fact vintage clothes make you feel fat as the clothes are all soooooo tiny? Well this is a site for you!! 

Virgos Lounge vintage dress

I wanted to elaborate more on a website I have mentioned in previous posts; Virgos Lounge. I mentioned before that I had bought a few bits from there and that you should for sure have a quick look. I LOVE this website!!

The website states:

‘Virgos Lounge is a London based womenswear brand established in 2008 by three “Virgo” friends with a love for vintage clothing.

The trio who’s shared Zodiac sign inspired the name of the label, specialize in combining contemporary silhouettes and trends with classic vintage styles to create unique statement pieces for the modern woman.’

I totally agree with what the company claims they offer. You will not be disappointed in your buys. It is slightly pricey for high street but it is well worth the money as the quality is good and so original. Plus you should buy into it, due to the fact its a fairly new brand. I GUARANTEE randoms will ask you where you bought your outfit from!

Poppy Skirt £85 – You have seen me wear this in my “Will work for Louboutins’ post.

virgos lounge sequin vintage skirt

 Nikky Dress £89

virgos lounge vintage dress party dress

 Daffy Jacket £78
virgos lounge vintage sequin jacket Daffy Jacket

Me wearing the Daffy Jacket.

Stella McCartney faux suede shoe's

Stella McCartney faux suède shows

 Aqua Wrap Dress £89.
Aqua Wrap Dress

Aqua Wrap Dress
Aqua Wrap Dress
Aqua Wrap Dress
 (Please note these images were taken form and are not my own.)

Claire xx




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