Tassel boots from San Fran

by Claire Chanelle

Red denim red cowboy boots Chanel bag

Yesterday I went for lunch at Paris parents’ house. His mother is Greek. If anyone reading this knows anyone Greek, then you know what happens!! Food, food and more food.

I took some photos to try out my new blurry lens. What do you think?

The boots I am wearing are vintage, I picked them up in the hippie town in San Francisco last September. To find amazing vintage shoes that fit well is very rare, so I was lucky. I adore cowboy boots and love red.

I HATE going to vintage shopping with friends. I feel pressured to be the first to find the gems. Every time I go with a friend I whizz round the shop very focused and vigilant. I can’t miss out on the best buys. The one time I didn’t do this, I was taking my time lalalalala examining a white Chanel (I decided this was fake) my friend strolls over to the back of the shop for the shoes. As she leans forward to touch the red boots I freeze.

I slam down the fake Chanel and dart over to her. By this time I figure it’s too late and I don’t want to snatch them (I do but I didn’t.) I was standing there praying to god they don’t fit her (evil, selfish friend.) Meanwhile I’m reminding my friend how much I love red and I will love them more than she will. She was having none of it. I was genuinely angry with myself for not doing my usual speedy scan the moment I entered.

Praise the lord, they’re too tight! I start singing “these boots are made for walking and that’s just what i’ll do, one of these days ……” just kidding I didn’t really!  I have skinny feet so they fit me perfect. I would have made them fit! I wanted red cowboy boots from San Fran and that was that!!!

To return the favour to my friend I picked her out a beautiful seashell vintage necklace. She has red hair and reminds me of little mermaid. I actually think she let me have them due to my tantrum.

Red denim chanel bag

Jumping, red denim red cowboy boots

chanel bag red denim red tassel boots

red cowboy boots

Chanel bag red cowboy boots

vintage red cowboy tassel boots

I am wearing: T by Alexander Wang black knitted cardi, Zara grey knitted hoodie (mens) Zara red denim, THE vintage tassel cowboy boots from San Fran, Prada orange (papaya) coin purse with black and gold Chanel 2.55.

Claire xx

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