The Day I Made It Into A Crop Top

by Claire Chanelle














Before I start this post I want to share with you a 20% discount code to spend at Virgos Lounge. The code will be valid from today Friday 27th of June 2014 until the 4th of July 2014. I would love you to tag me in any social media photos if you buy anything with the code. 

The code is  CHOUQUETTE20

Lets discuss the day I made it into a crop top! Sadly this is not down to me hitting the gym or a sudden halt to no chocolate but indeed down to the craftsman ship behind this Marina two piece set.  I am disappointed in myself for not continuing the Barry’s Bootcamp and long road runs but the truth is I was working with Nike so the time spent in the gym was “work” where as I now I have gone back to having no time at all. I am making a promise to myself to start Monday morning back in the gym and stick to my Nike training.

Usually I can’t wear crop tops because my waist is not small enough, I feel like I don’t have that body shape and see myself as a “chubby rectangle” however I can squeeze into them when I have lots a few pounds. Crop tops only look good if you have a small waist aka Kim Kardashian shape or you’re slim…..I am neither. I thought my dreams of wearing a crop top were shattered until Virgos Lounge sent me this Marina set which I can not believe this has gone into the sale plus you get the 20% off with my code! Due to the skirt being quite high my tummy does not show too much and because the fabric of the skirt is thick it holds me in (without spanx) which means I finally found a crop top I can squeeze into. If your shape is like mine then I defiantly recommend this look and if you’re lucky enough to have a small waist then this look will look even better on you.

I wore this skirt with a white top in Dubai for dinner and also with a thin black sweater for a more casual dinner. The top would look great with any colour high waisted skirt or jeans.

I teamed this with my Gemporia Pineapple necklace, Chanel shoes and vintage Chanel bag from Designer Exchange.


Virgos Lounge Marina Two Piece UK HERE US HERE

Chanel Shoes Similar HERE And HERE

Chanel Vintage Classic Flap Similar HERE and HERE 

Gemporia Pineapple Necklace Similar HERE 

CC xx

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