THE Teddy Coat of Life (The Season)

by Claire Chanelle
Teddy Coat Chouquette

Teddy Coat Chouquette

If you haven’t noticed the Teddy coat trend this season you must gave not stepped outside your home or been browsing the internet, yep it’s a huge trend and everyone knows it. If you haven’t heard about my amazing teddy coat find you need to watch my vlog here. A real life moment where I discovered this coat ONE THOUSAND POUND less than what I had paid for it the day before. I know right. Read on to find out more or just watch the vlog.

The trend is a great trend because it’s a coat and we al “need” a coat, so it’s not a silly trend. Teddy fabric is also the kind of fabric you can buy on the high street. It is not like a Silk trend and high street you have to opt for Polyester which doesn’t feel the same. Ir an embroidered trend; luxury embroidered will never be as good as high street dupes. So far so good. It get better… Teddy coats are actually warm. Winning.

Below are some of my favourite teddy coats on the market. Click the image and it will take you to the site to browse/shop.

The Max Mara Teddy, the queen of all Teddies.

Last year I saw one of my friends wear a teddy coat (this one I am wearing) from a buying day she had in Milan. Buyers and press get to see the collections a season in advance. This means I was so obsessed with this coat for over a year. I knew the brand was Max Mara and knew the price was around  £1800. I told myself I am no way buying that. My Acne Studio coat here is different, I could justify the price because it’s not a trend coat and they are so practical; it is also leather.

A year on I was still obsessing, as you do. I am sure you can all relate to obsessing over an item? Anyone obsessing over anything lately? My advice is don’t rush into it. Weigh up how much you will wear it, maybe in a couple of weeks/months you will be over it. if you still can not stop thinking of it just go for it, the pleasure is worth it. With that said do not make this a habit, we need to cherish and appreciate our splurges. Also never “go for it” if it means putting yourself in stress because you can not afford it. Stretching your bank account is not worth the stress and it will ruin the purchase. Use the urge and desperation to push yourself harder at work. That is what I do.

Shopping, Top Tip: Put the item you want on hold (in store) or in your basket (online.) Physiologically your brain will semi think you bought it. You get that little feeling of satisfaction.

The amount of times I bought something and thought “I don’t really love it that much”. The hold technique really works and helps me filter my emotions of “do I really want this.” Yes, shopping is emotional for some of us and it’s important to be rational.

My Max Mara obsession got so intense, who noticed I was dipping into Max Mar? I bought this cardigan here, I was building up the courage to splurge. I also knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with a dupe. Sometimes I am happy with a dupe but most of the time I just want the real deal and I am prepared to make the sacrifices.

I recently went to Sweden, I vlogged it here. I saw a blonde girl wearing the Max Mara coat. I was staring at her in the lift to the point I had to compliment her other wise I would have appeared like I was A. trying to flirt and send her eye contact or B. I suffered from mental health. No disrespect to either elements there, I truly was starring at her, even Paris kicked me to stop looking. Anyway we chatted, well actually it was a one sided convo of me telling how amazing she looked until the lift door open. Thinking about it she did run out. No matter how weird people think it is, you should always compliment and give credit where credit is due. You may make someones day by telling them how nice they look. Americans love to do this and I love Americans for this.

This brings me on to  how much I love and respect blogging. For me personally, I love seeing a piece of clothing or a bag or maybe someone hair colour on an actual person. It relatable, simple as that. I want to see blonde beach waves on a girl that looks like me, I want to see how vinyl leggings looks on someone 5.6″ not a leggy 6″ model who looks great in anything. I stand by the power of blogging and I use other girls as inspo all the time.

Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette

As soon as I got home I ordered the coat here. I ordered a size 38, I could have ordered a 36. The following day I went to Bicester Village for some Christmas shopping and randomly saw the coat in Max Mara. Paris caught the moment on camera which you can watch here. It was my size and only one left. I could not believe it. My said to me recently, something good will come your way (because I had done something nice for someone who isn’t very nice to me.) I truly believe thus coat find was my karma. I really believe the power of thinking and being a good person brings you luck and positivity.

I paid this look with my beloved vinyl leggings which you can buy here, and Acne Studios sweater (they now have Acne Studios at Bicester Village now) my Louis Vuitton Petit Metis bag and my new Louis Vuitton Trail boots. This has to be one of my favourite looks from this year, it’s so me, it’s comfortable and there is noting better than finding a bargain.

Teddy Coat ChouquetteI have been receiving so many questions about my photography lately. I thought I was list a few of the most common questions and answer them.

  1. WHO TAKES YOUR PHOTOS? Most of the time Paris. The only time he doesn’t take them is if he is away working on something else or I am working on a campaign and the brand has organised their own photographer.
  2. WHAT CAMERA AND LENS DO YOU USE? We use the LUMIX GX8 HERE and we use the following lenses HERE, HERE AND HERE. 90% of my Instagram images are taken on my GOOGLE PIXEL phone.
  3. HOW DO YOU EDIT YOUR PHOTOS? We use Lightroom. On my phone I use Lightroom, VSCO and Snapseed.
  4. WHAT CAMERA DO YOU VLOG WITH? This one HERE. It’s great for auto focus and you can screen shot footage.

Teddy Coat Chouquette

Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat ChouquetteTeddy Coat ChouquetteTeddy Coat ChouquetteTeddy Coat Chouquette Teddy Coat Chouquette

CC xx

Photos by Paris 

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