LONDON – BLAKES HOTEL. Wedding Part 1: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

by Claire Chanelle
will you be my bridesmaid idea

blakes hotel london


blake hotel london

will you be my bridesmaid idea

blakes hotel london bird cage

hummingbird bakery rainbow cake

will you be my bridesmaid cake

giant flamingo ballon

flamingo balloon

rainbow cake

will you be my bridesmaid

will you be my bridesmaid card

flamingo pj onsie

flamingo outfit primark

will you be my maid of honour

This is part one (start of many) to my wedding blogging!

You may have seen on my Instagram I dressed my friends up as flamingos to announce my bridesmaids. This was such a special day for me, it took a lot of planning and really got me excited for my wedding (and hen) but that excitement soons fills with anxiety because of all the planning I need to do and all the weight I need to loose.

My first job was to choose my bridesmaids, I was unsure whether to have just my sister and one friend, four girls or six. It seemed hard to decide at first but then I thought; who do I want with me when I am getting ready the day of my wedding and then it was easy. There was no point trying to choose so I picked all of my closest friends because I wouldn’t want them anywhere but with me.

The next step was to think of an idea how to ask them. I ordered personalised cards with their nicknames on the front saying “will you be my bitch for the day” and wrote a long note inside why I chose them; some cried and some laughed. I also ordered a rainbow cake from the Hummingbird bakery that said “will you be my bridesmaid?”

Step number three. I knew I wanted to have tea and cake somewhere but I wanted to do something else to make it more me and more fun. Remember from my previous post I said I love Primark and I am always there hunting for quirky things? Well one day I found the flamingo PJs. I was so excited I wanted to buy two for myself; when I find something cheap and amazing I  buy two just in case I loose or damage one (yes i’m weird) anyway I then found my self buying 7 for my self and bridesmaid for the actual wedding but figured they would be too hot for SOF so I came up with the idea of wearing them at tea.

The forth step was to think of a location where to have this announcement. I had lots of ideas but Blakes Hotel in Chelsea was my number one place for a number of reasons. 1: Its my favourite hotel in London and me and Paris are always there. 2; It looks so cool outside, its all black and a nice location in Chelsea. 3: It was quite enough to make my event private as we would be dressed as flamingos! 4: The cakes (green tea tiramisu) are delicious. 5: The outdoor birdcage is AMAZING. The Birdcage is a green house (glass and black) that seats about 12 people. Its lovely in the summer or winter and really romantic at night. We were shut off from the rest of the court yard, we were really warm even though it was cold outside and we felt like we were outside. The staff let me decorate the birdcage before I arrived and were really helpful for the planning and during the event.

This brings me onto decorating the birdcage and keeping it a surprise for everyone. The only person that knew the plan was my little sister, she arrived there on her own and decorated the table with Paris. I had to pretend to my friends that I was only seeing one of them and not a big group other wise they would have guessed something was up. A couple kept asking questions what we were doing and when everyone started arriving at my flat everyone was asking questions! I ordered two Uber Luxe cars to take us to the hotel, even though its only two minutes away I wanted to make it special. When we arrived my sister was hiding in the corridor dressed as a flamingo holding a cake whilst hotel guests were giving her a funny look.

The girls all walked in wondering what was going on. As soon as we stepped into the birdcage I made everyone put on their outfit and then Stevie walked in with the cake. It was such a special moment for me and now I could relax.  Everyone opened their cards, I gave everyone a save the date invite that was in the form of a boarding pass with flamingos on to fit the theme. My last surprise for the girls was the reveal of their bridesmaid dresses which I can not reveal to you just yet. I am collaborating with a brand I love and I was lucky enough for the brand to attend my event and talk to my bridesmaids about different dress options and they all chose a dress and got fitted. The dresses have arrived already and I LOVE them.

We ate cake and walked home in our PJs.

Obviously one thing had to go wrong, it always does. One of my friends lives in Munich, it was so difficult to get her to come to visit me without telling her what was going on. I had to tell her mum and sister so they could help me get her to London so last minute. We finally got her to come BUT she missed her flight in the morning. Because she could not make it we made her a video and sent her the outfit and card in the post.

My advice to anyone thinking of how to ask their friends to be their bridesmaids, I would say just make it personal as the little touches are what makes it fun. I found lots of ideas on etsy; personalised wine bottles, balloons that you pop, there were endless ideas. If you are still stuck have a look on Pinterest.

To book THE BLAKES HOTEL LONON click HERE or call +44 (0)20 7370 6701 I highly recommend this place. Be sure to try the matcha tiramisu and ask them to make you a green tea latte, it is AMAZING.






VALENTINO LOCK BAG I have linked the BABY BLUE because it is SO AMAZING


CC xx

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Latika August 12, 2016 - 3:52 pm

First of all, love your blog. And I envy your bag collection
Where did you by the girls costume?
Latika, Denmark

Chouquette August 15, 2016 - 8:06 pm

Thank you. They were from Primark £14 each. xx


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