Yellow Brick Road

by Claire Chanelle

chanel lego iphone case

Believe it or not but my new iPhone case  is one of the best things I have bought all year and I think you should all buy one! I wanted to order a few different colour’s but I wanted to check the quality because it is not authentic Chanel (Chanel do not even make these lego cases) and sometimes products like this can arrive and then I think ooo la I am not using/wearing that! However when my phone case arrived I was so happy with it and it cost me £10!!!! I would of happily paid a lot more because it is so amazing. I have worn it today and literally every time I pull it out of my bag at least one person comments and ask where I found it. Even the girls at Chanel were going crazy for it!

I initially thought I would remove the chain but the chain is so handy and I have been wearing it as a cross body, which not only looks good but is also useful because I am constantly checking my phone. It kind of fulfilled the empty space in my heart that was desperate for a Chanel lego bag which is great when I only needed to spend £10 and not 5k.

The case is from ebay click here to view the exact link as I want you to purchase from the same place as there are various sellers with the lego phone cases but maybe the quality is not the same. I found quite a few companies selling them and the prices ranged from £9 to £145 and I have a friend who paid the same price as me but the quality is really bad. Expect to wait around two to three weeks for the delivery, I waited three weeks and unfortunately missed it for London fashion week.

I took some photos last minute today to show you therefore the photos are just iPhone snaps in a super casual outfit running around London in the rain.

chanel lego bag chanel brick iphone case yellow chanel lego iphone case chanel brick iphone case Image 14lego phone case

I also wanted to show you the original Chanel brick/lego bag for you to compare. It is important that you know that my phone case is not from Chanel and those of you that want to buy it from Chanel can not because it was never produced. I do not see this product as FAKE because Chanel never produced it therefore I am not choosing to buy the cheap copy. I see these phone cases the same way I see the “Aint Laurent Without Eves” Tshirts, they are not fake Tshirts they are fun and people are clearly aware of the humour. To me this phone case is fun and I like it, it can not be a fake when the original brand never produced it, just like the Chanel nail polish phone case.

red chanel lego bag

Have I convinced you that you all need a Chanel lego iPhone case? Who is buying one?

Claire xx

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Irena D September 20, 2013 - 10:05 am

Love this case
I have the same but green
I did i blog post as well
check it out

Fari October 5, 2013 - 9:55 pm

Hi, May i ask the seller’s name on Ebay. The link says the listing was ended. Thanks!

The Provoker October 10, 2013 - 3:48 pm

I was goggling the chanel lego iphone case after I saw how wonderful Tamara’s was who you recommended, and I landed on your page! I think I’m gonna be needing one too in green! This is too good to pass up! C’est tres tres migon!!!! Speaking of hanel, I just posted my shots from their ss14 show, check out the up close and personal pics! <3

xx The Provoker

Chouquette October 10, 2013 - 3:51 pm

I have already read the Chanel post on your blog! x

Farida October 11, 2013 - 12:52 pm

Hey do you know where they sell these in London?


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