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by Claire Chanelle

saint laurent betty bag

Yesterday I shopped for some clients on Sloane Street. I ploughed through the wind, rain and snow to get to Saint Laurent and purchase some new items.

A few people have asked me on my Instagram account why the new name change. So I thought I would write a post on it.

saint laurent jane shoes


saint laurent lutetia bag


saint laurent betty purse

saint laurent shoes

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saint laurent sloane street

The iconic logo that has been around for over half a century; Yves Saint Laurent – YSL is now going to be known as Saint Laurent Paris – SLP, under the new director, Hedi Slimane. It is also rumoured that the interlocking letters were copying other brands such as LV and Chanel’s CC.

The brand launched its new branding for Saint Laurent yesterday in London. I did not realise how different the collection would look and I was pleasantly surprised. The new branding is not just in the carrier bags and store design. The brand have replaced YSL with SLP. Apparently the YSL logo will still be used on bags, lipsticks and shoes but not as much as before. I love the new sleek, chic look with the clean lines. It reminded me of Céline in the sense the design is simple and sleek with very little branding. The collection and individual items are still Yves Saint Laurent “looking” and not at all Céline “looking”  but the chicness is apparent. I really love the new improvements and excited to be introduced to some new handbags! It was about time we had something new.

kate moss duffy baglutetia bagsaint laurent duffy bag

I managed to take a few sneaky photos. They are not amazing as they were just on my phone. A personal favourite of mine was the Betty bag. It was so light to carry and practical. No one will ever design a bag greater than the classic Chanel! I use mine all the time as it is so practical and perfect for day or night. The Betty bag is similar but still individual in its own right. I wouldn’t be surprised if I owned one these beauties at some point this year!

What do you think of the new branding and new name? I think changing the name was risky but in my opinion it has been executed well.

Ps How amazing is this leather Whistles dress? I did not buy it because Paris hated it 🙁 So maybe I will go back tomorrow without him.

leather whistles dress


Claire x

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