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One of my favourite things about returning from a long holiday is coming home to pamper myself! I really enjoy being make-up free, natural hair and feeling really relaxed, but I am also just as excited to return home to all my beauty products and get back to my home beauty regime. I have realised how much beauty prep I do before my trips, so much so, I wanted to tell you exactly what I do and which products I use. With my busy schedule it’s often difficult to get to the salon for various treatments so finding convenient and cost-effective solutions to smarten up my beauty regime is really important.


The first part of my beauty regime I want to discuss is hair removal.

I have a very low pain threshold. I even find eyebrow threading agonising. It is the most dreaded part of my beauty regime, and in fact it is one of my most dreaded things ever. However, it is a beauty essential for me and finally, I have discovered how to conquer it!


I have tried waxing twice. The first time I had my legs and bikini done, I had to stop half way and walked out wondering how people manage it. The second time I was determined to finish the second half and even prepared with numbing cream that I bought from my local pharmacy, which sadly still didn’t help. It is safe to say that I am never doing it again.


Next up, I tried laser hair removal on my upper lip and legs, which also proved ineffective. I found it impossible to continue regular treatments due to my busy schedule. After all this careful planning, pain and large expense; the results were not worth it for me.


So the only option I was left with was shaving, but as we all know, you need to do it most days and it can irritate your skin. I had heard about IPL (intense pulse light) devices but I had also heard that they are painful. I wanted to experience it myself as shaving was becoming tedious and irritating. I liked the look of the Philips Lumea Prestige because it was cordless and came with different settings. I liked that it was simple to use and it complemented my new bathroom aesthetic. Sounds silly but when I am choosing between products, I always take into consideration whether or not it will sit well in my bathroom cabinet 🙂


I will be honest with you, I was terrified of trying this for the first time. I insisted Paris had to try it first (haha!). He has a very high pain threshold so if he flinched, that meant that I would find it painful and I wouldn’t use it. Thankfully, he couldn’t even feel a thing so I dived straight in!

I could kick myself for not trying this sooner! Coming from someone with a *zero* tolerance for pain (I’m such a wimp) I can tell you this device is pain free. The best part is I now do not have to shave every day. I recommend using the Philips Lumea Prestige every fortnight for a six-week period. The treatment can reduce growth by up to 92% and leave your skin continuously smooth and hair-free for up to eight weeks.

I tested this before my holiday and I realised at the end of the trip that I did not need to use my razor once! Life changing for someone who travels so often! The Philips Lumea Prestige has definitely made my life easier especially since I don’t have to worry about keeping track of my treatments. There’s an app for the device which keeps track of everything for you and creates a personal treatment plan for you to follow which is super useful! There is also the added bonus that it has a SmartSkin sensor which basically measures your skin tone so it can determine the best settings for you, meaning that you don’t have to mess around trying to figure it out.


The device comes with four different heads. You can choose which one you prefer depending on which area of your body you are working on. There’s one for the face, body, bikini and underarms. There is no gel or cream needed but the hair does need to be shaved down first. This is because you need a hair present in the follicle in order to treat it and put it into resting place.



Investment wise the Philips Lumea  Prestige  is a win-win. You will save money on razors, waxing strips and beauty appointments but most of all you save time! Less shaving/waxing = less hassle. So think about it this way, you have to wax about every eight weeks and say it costs you £75, that means you’re paying at least £600 per year on waxing and that’s not even for your whole body. I don’t even want to think about how much I spend on razors every year, especially since Paris keeps stealing mine or just completely lose them altogether. I like to approach my beauty purchases the same way I do my wardrobe with my “cost per wear” rule. The Philips Lumea Prestige costs £575. This is a one-off fee. Even if the price did work out more or less the same, which it does not; you need to take into consideration the time you save, the pain you avoid and the results you achieve with this device.


I feel that the Philips Lumea Prestige is worth the investment. You also get long-term results and in my opinion the best finish.


For me, this is an exciting new find and I truly wish I had discovered it sooner.

You can read more about the Philips Lumea Prestige HERE.



Being in the sun and fresh air, being makeup free and stress free has done wonders for my skin. I am determined to keep my skin looking fresh and clear because radiant skin gives me so much confidence.


I cleanse and tone my face twice a day and never slack with my home treatments but I have been slacking with removing my make-up at night (I know I’m not the only one who is guilty of this!). I am lazy at times and often use wipes which are great as a quick solution but I feel that they do not completely remove the make-up and I do not feel fresh and radiant after.


I am a huge fan of cleansing brushes. It is the only home device I have used that makes my skin feel really fresh. I find a lot of make-up removers and balms irritate my skin so I rely on a cleansing brush to remove all my make-up. I still use the brush in the evenings, even if I have been make-up free. I always make sure I use it if I have been in the city, where air condition, as you know, isn’t the cleanest.


I find little things really make a difference to my skin and that hygiene is vital. Removing any dirt (from city fumes, makeup or heavy creams) from your pores, cleaning your makeup brushes and drinking plenty of water makes a huge difference. Philips has even created their own anti-pollution brush head which I can use on both my facial cleansing brushes. Its charcoal sponge centre and silky soft bristles work together to dislodge even the smallest of pollution particles from pores – extremely useful for someone living in a big city.


I am currently using the new Philips VisaPure Advanced and the VisaPure Mini. Both are cordless and both suit my bathroom 🙂 Seriously, design is a massive plus for me. I love pretty products and devices on display in my bathrooms.

The VisaPure Advanced is the one I keep in my main bathroom at home. It has a stand (which is the charger) and it comes with three attachments – One is for cleansing, the other is for giving yourself a little facial massage and lastly there is a little one to give yourself fresh eyes in the morning. You can read more about each head HERE.




The VisaPure Mini is baby pink – Do I need to say any more? Okay so, it has more benefits than being a pretty candy floss colour. This mini is perfect for travel. I have never taken my cleansing brush on holiday with me before. I never have enough room for anything because I always carry so many beauty products and end up having to take the brush out. I once bought a cheap travel one but it was useless and a little too rough for my skin. The mini is the perfect travel size, I can take it pretty much anywhere like yesterday I took it to the gym. I wear a mask in the steam room then massage the product in with the VisaPure Mini. My skin feels brand new afterwards, you must try it!




The Philips VisaPure Advanced and the VisaPure Mini are both so soft and gentle, meaning they can be used twice a day.


I really wanted to talk about what I see as essential in my beauty regime. Hair removal is probably one of the most popular beauty treatments and no doubt the one we all dread the most. I am so excited about my discovery of the Philips Lumea Prestige and I cannot recommend it enough. The fact that it is cordless and takes all the hard work out for me with the app and SmartSkin sensor makes a huge difference from any others I have seen before.


Facial cleansing and removal of makeup is essential. My skin care routine is so much simpler, more efficient and not to mention smarter, with the Philips VisaPure Advanced. It gives real results and it is also very cost-effective as it’s like giving yourself a little facial at home, saving you some trips to the spa, that’s for sure!

Please feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions. I have also uploaded a photo on Instagram, where you can leave a comment too!


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Lisa Autumn July 30, 2018 - 12:17 pm

Ahhh I have the same and love it! It really works on me 🙂
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