by Claire Chanelle

Following on from the wonderful comments on Instagram and YouTube regarding my improved skin and hair I wanted to tell you what I have been doing and the products I have been using. You will be pleased to know that I haven’t made any drastic changes or made huge commitments (I shy away from commitment in fact) the prices are reasonable for some brands and the ones that are pricey, they last long and really make an impact. Lastly this post is not sponsored by any brand. Not that I am discrediting my sponsored work or implying it is not truthful because it 100% always is. It just means that I can combine brands and maybe even competitive brands in one post. I know that’s not ideal for the brands but it’s ideal for you. Right?

First of all THANK YOU for all the lovely comments. I have been making an effort to find beauty products that work for me and the fact you noticed was so so nice. I am writing this because of all the comments.


Recently I shared on Instagram a new night time routine that was not LA MER. So many of you know I love LA MER and some of you were confused that I had scraped that brand from my life. The answer is “most definitely not”. I am still using LA MER every single day and the beauty of this post is to tell you about the combination I am using. Who read the LA MER article I wrote here? I am still using every single product in this article, every single one! I am using the LA MER FACIAL WASH and toner every day and then I mix it up with either my fave RENEWAL SERUM or the BRIGHTENING SERUM. I also love the CONCENTRATE SERUM to even out skin tone. Sometimes I may use two if I feel I need it. You can mix and match the products to suit you.





I am a fan of serum and sometimes only use a serum in the day.

Go with what you feel your skin needs. You can use the RENEWAL SERUM on your hair and in the bath. Only use a little bit, it’s very precious!


Two are three times a week I use a mask. I have been using the LA MER REVITALIZE MASK for over  year bow and love it. My recent discovery is the BRIGHTING MASK. This mask really brings my skin to life and really does brighten my face.

The price it at the higher end but it really does work. My skin is quite sensitive, I need to be careful my skin does react (most of the time it does.) I find LA MER very gentle on my skin.


The sooner you realise you need to look after the skin around the eyes the better. Anyone younger than 25 maybe it is not your priority but I wish I looked after mine more. Maybe use a light one. Over 25/26 make it a priority! The skin around our eyes is very thin and will be the first to sag. I love LA MER EYE CREAM HERE and HERE. I also use the MURAD RETINOL EYE CREAM.

I use it every morning because I like my eye area to be very moisturised before make up. It also makes me look more awake.


We all have them and mine is colour correction and hormonal blemishes around my chin. For colour tone blemishes I use LA MER CONCENTRATE SERUM and I also love MURAD CORRECTING MOISTURISER (use code “CLAIRE” on the MURAD site). Both work wonders for me.

I tend to apply this more at night though. For my break outs I use MURAD CLARIFYING TONER and I swear by SUDOCREM! I rub in a layer and then apply a thicker layer on top. I apply it before I sleep. I find it takes away redness, calms the swelling and stops the bacteria spreading; I am picker but I am getting better.


Our skin repairs itself during the night. This means what ever you are applying to your skin before you sleep is really going to sink in and do it’s magic; take your night time routine seriously. Don’t be afraid to mix and match brands or products. Do what works for you.

I am a huge fan of MURAD. It really is a no frills brand. It doesn’t need to dramatic packaging; the product speaks of it’s self. The price is extremely reasonable and they really should be charging more. Luckily for us, they don’t! To add some extra sprinkle of good news, I have a discount code for the MURAD website which is “CLAIRE”. Use this at check out but it is only valid until the 22nd of February.

The MURAD products I am using are the anti ageing Retinol Youth collection. I have only tried the moisturiser, the serum and the eye cream. These are the three main factors you need to cover. Anything else you wish to add is bonus, like toner, facial wash etc.

I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It is smoother, no redness and 90% less breakouts. I am been very dedicated to both my routines but I have not changed anything else. I haven’t changed my diet (I am actually eating worse than ever) and I still do not drink enough water. I will be changing that.


Some of you asked me on Instagram “If you could only afford one product what would it be?” We all have moments where we can’t have everything all at once but my advice to you is this. Good skin is so important and it will change your confidence level. I don’t want you to break the bank and I want you to buy what you can afford and in time. However, if it means you choose an extra beaut product over say a new dress; I would pick the beauty product. I love my wardrobe but now and then I make sure beauty comes first. If you can’t buy it all now, build up your collection over time.

I think serums go a long way, I really do believe in the power of a serum. I would choose the LA MER RENEWAL OIL for the day and the MURAD RETINOL SERUM FOR THE EVENING. Second choice really would be eye cream because it is so important. The serum can hold off the moisture for now. Serums are usually the most expensive products, this is due to how much they cover and have an affect. I know the LA MER is pricey but I used it for a good year before I recommend it. It lasts for ages and really does work.


I love body cream and body butters. I have really dry skin and cannot go a day without moisturising my whole body. I have done this everyday for nearly twenty years! My mum suggested it because we both have dry body skin. It has massively paid off because my skin is so so soft.

I love the BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER (my fave is the rose scent) but I am in love with the JO MALONE BODY CREAMS. I can’t afford to use them everyday so I pad out the days with BODY SHOP. If I could I would use JO MALONE everyday. My favourite lip balm is also by JO MALONE.

Hand cream is a must. Hands are also the first part of our skin to show our age. I pride myself on soft skin and it is a nice pick me up during the day when I am on the go. I also find it helps prevent my cuticles from peeling.



I love love love BONDI SANDS and I love the new one hour formula with coconut scent. I still love the older one too. They also now do tan eraser which really works. I love VITA LIBERATA BODY BLUR and I love JAMES READ for the face and body. These are my favourite fake tan formulas. For a very gentle tan I use LA MER gradual tan. All of these brands are great for sensitive skin. I react to most fake tans as i have asthma, none of this irritate my skin. Tope fake tan tip; fully moisturise before and add some moisturiser onto the tanning mit. Some fake tans like the Bondi Sanda one, advice not to use moisturiser and sometimes you have to use a cream with no oil but I find it’s helps to prevent streaking. Of course exfoliate before applying.

If you would like more articles like this, do let me know. Do you enjoy beauty posts? Would you like to see videos? Next week I am sharing my hair care video so make sure you are subscribed, it’s a good one!











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Ewa Macherowska February 21, 2018 - 7:57 am

Love this post! x

Paulynagore February 22, 2018 - 10:46 pm

Love this post !
I have a very sensitive and dehydrated skin so any products like Clarins, Biotherm, Sisley etc is a no for me, especially because of Avène products, which destroyed my skin, so it’s no easy but Paï, Ren Cosmetics and Dermalogica are pure life saviour for me, my skin only accepts natural products which is a bit sad, but i have to deal with it i believe.
I really wanted to try La Mer but it’s so pricey and i don’t want to break my skin again ^^’
I can’t wait to see your hair routine !


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