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I wanted to share a fitness post with you because it is January and the time we all want to start being healthy and fit. I think fitness bands are a great accessory to encourage working out and to monitor our training. Today I will be giving away a Misfit Shine, so read my review and comment on this blog if you want to be in with a chance to win.

My favourite place to work out and detox is on holiday which I know is the opposite to most people. I still enjoy good food but holidays are the best time for me to loose weight because I have the time to eat regularly and exercise. Working out on a beautiful beach catching a tan is also a massive incentive not to mention it makes me feel better in my bikini that day.

I tend to avoid hotel gyms because London is usually too cold or hectic to workout outside so I am always working out inside. A beach run is so much harder on the sand compared to a flat surface, the heat makes you sweat more and there is always a bench, a tree or rock to work out with. I put together all the techniques I have learnt from my classes and combine them together for one workout. Skinny Bitch Collective techniques are the best for holidays because all his moves do not require anything other than the human body so no need for any equipment (next week I will be doing a post just on the SBC class.) Core work is so important and you can make it up as you go along. I usually pick four exercises (leg lifts, squats, sits up, pushups etc) and repeat these four times in sets of 20. Every morning I went for a 15 minute run (it was hard in the heat) stopped and done 20 minutes core work followed by 10 minutes sprinting in intervals and then ran back to the hotel.

Each morning I ate fresh fruit, juices and poached eggs. I never weigh myself but I defiantly lost weight this holiday.

You can see from my photos I am wearing a new fitness monitor band; MISFIT SHINE. I love my Nike Fuel band and never felt the need to try another one as there are a few on the market. I chose to try this one for four reasons; its waterproof which really impressed me because none of the other bands are 100% waterproof so all you swimmers out there this is the band for you. It monitors your sleep which I was really looking forward to testing because I am the worst sleeper and was interested to see how many hours of sleep I got. The sleep monitor is my favourite element. A really practical aspect is the band doesn’t need charging so you can wear it constantly and never worry it will run out of battery. I also loved the way it looks, it’s so sleek and discreet and really light and comfortable. I chose a black face but you can chose from a range of different colours and wear it different ways; just the face or you can buy different straps. The price is really competitive at £70, you can buy one HERE HERE HERE HERE.

This fitness band was co founded by John Sculley, former Apple CEO and the name “Misfit Wearables”  was chosen because the company happened to be founded on the day of Steve Jobs’ death, with “misfit” being a tribute to one of Apple’s signature adverts.

Its really easy to use you just have to down load the Misfit free app, the band will automatically sync and you can monitor you activity. The device weighs just 9.4g and is waterproof to 50m.

Now for the GIVE AWAY! Thanks to Misfit  I have a brand new Misfit Shine in navy blue to give away to one of my lucky readers.  All you have to do is leave you name and email address in the comment box and I will pick a winner next month. You must be following @iamchouquette and @misfituk on Instagram to enter.

NOW GO TO THE GYM AND WORK OUT, get off your laptop or phone and spend 45 minutes in the gym, the park or even squats in your living room. I promise you will good after.



CC xx

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Laura Williams January 11, 2015 - 11:22 am

Great post.

Love working out in the sunshine too and the range of fresh fruit makes it so much easier to eat healthily.

Gemma Emmel January 11, 2015 - 7:22 pm

This has inspired me to go to the gym.


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